The Voice of Germany”: Captivating performance leaves coaches in a dilemma Entertainment

The Voice of Germany": Captivating performance leaves coaches in a dilemma  Entertainment

Battle Thriller in “The Voice of Germany” ,

Pleasant appearance presents coaches with dilemma

In the end the best came…

The final performance of the second battles of “The Voice of Germany” ended with a big surprise on Thursday evening. Influencers Christian (25), Switzerland’s Kevin (25) and ballad queen Tammy (27) appeared on the show as a trio. In fact, only one of them could make it to the next round. But then everything changed…

Coach Ree Garvey (49) chose a very difficult song for his talent: “Arcade” by Duncan Lawrence (28). The fact that everyone was singing against two contestants made all three quite nervous. Mentor Rei advised him: “It is important that you carry that same feeling into the outside world.”

Tami was also convinced

Photo: ProSieben/sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

Tammy, who had trouble getting out on her own during rehearsals, was especially excited. Your coach can understand this very well. Reason: “There are two boys to her left and right who have a loud voice.”

Suddenly there was no trace of such concerns on the stage. The trio’s performance was so excellent that the coaches even called for an encore.

The entire audience enthusiastically sang along to the ballad. Moderator Thor Schallermann (37) could hardly believe it. “He deserved the final!” Even before making the decision, he mentioned the plagiarism deal. Other coaches may bring one of the discarded talents to their team immediately after the performance. Thor: “You two guys can’t go home here.”

Ree almost burst out with pride, while “Silbermond” frontwoman Stephanie Kloss (37) couldn’t stop the ruckus. “He was really fat! He was so much stronger of the three.” Peter Maffee (73) could only agree with him. Composer about the performance: “It’s great to be such a unit.”

But of course the hymns of praise didn’t make it easy for Ri Garvey. The decision turned out to be the toughest of the entire show. At last he pulled himself together, but said beforehand: “I trust the stolen deal.” The Irish rocker finally took Christian with him to the next round.

rhea garve caught christian

rhea garve caught christian

Photo: ProSieben/sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

But the battle was not over yet. As Tammy and Kevin left the stage, Stephanie Chloe, Peter Maffee and Mark Forster (39) almost simultaneously hit their buzzer. Schölermann was overjoyed: “We don’t have just one steal deal, we have three!” But theoretically, they could all just be a genius.

Resolution: Mafe pushes for Tammy for Kevin, Mark, and Stephanie. Forster, who was turned down by the up-and-coming singer in her blind audition, admitted: “The only thing I’m afraid of is the second basket.” And the same happened. The candidate chose Stephanie.

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