“The Voice of Germany”: Reunited with Peter Maffee after 33 years! , Entertainment

"The Voice of Germany": Reunited with Peter Maffee after 33 years!  ,  Entertainment

See you after 33 years! ,

What Connects Peter Maffee to “The Voice” Talent Franziska

The music legend didn’t expect it…

There was a very special reunion Thursday evening at “The Voice of Germany”. And that too after 33 years! As it turned out, coach Peter Maffe (73) and candidate Franziska Kleinert (53) from Freudental in Baden-W├╝rttemberg have a common past.

That the singer was sitting on one of the chairs this season, she commented with a grinning smile: “That’s totally awesome!” Backstage presenter Thor Schallermann (37) knew more. He had researched: “You’re already on stage with one of our coaches – with Peter Mafe.” But it was almost an understatement.

Peter Mafe buzzed – but for what, he didn’t know

Photo: Andre Kowalski / DPA

Franziska said: “Yes, the couple came together almost more than thirty years ago.” She recorded the song “Let Your Go” with her at the time and even played in the music video. Gora is still excited. “Peter Maffee was totally relaxing to work with. He’s a totally normal guy.” The musician never presented himself as a star.

But will he still be buzzing for her? Kleinert before his performance: “I don’t think he recognizes my voice.” For the coaches, trained music and sound therapists composed “Barefoot in the Piano” by Enneme Kantreit Band and struck the keys themselves. Around the same time as Mark Forster (39), Peter Maffee looked back.

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But his former singer partner didn’t seem immediately familiar to him. Instead, he asked her, as is always the case with “The Voice”: “What’s your name and where are you from?” Franziska helped her a little: “Maybe it’s ringing: thirty years ago.” He fell on the Singer of Pennies. When Franziska began to sing from behind, he got up, walked up to her on stage and hugged her.

Mark Forster teased: “What’s going on here? Are they kissing now?” In the end, Franziska even told everyone in the hall what the unexpected reunion was about. 33 years ago she was working in a record store when her boss learned that Peter Maffee was looking for a singer for his duet and made contact.

Apologies on the show: “It’s great to see you again. And I don’t think we need to talk to each other more anymore.” Of course, Franziska should join his team. Still, Mark Forster has There were still good chances and he performed two of his hits for the candidate. Without success. Franziska went to Peter Maffe. His partner backstage: “Old love doesn’t fight…”

Maybe the 53-year-old will still have a stellar music career…

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