“The Voice of Germany” – Rock Tube trembles the jury – TV

"The Voice of Germany" - Rock Tube trembles the jury - TV

The eighth blind audition in “The Voice of Germany” – and again the talents gave everything. However, on Sunday evenings it was not always enough …

For hobby rappers Chris Kurwitz (28) and Damien Skoronek (31), who call their combo “multifunctional”, there was not a single buzzer for their version of “roller” by Apache207 (24). He offered to expand his repertoire: “We would also be ready to make hits.”

For Maximilian Hoffmann (28) of Wegendorf in Lower Bavaria, this would be out of the question, as he is a true rock fan. A regular concert “open-air Wegendorf” takes place in their small home village (250 inhabitants). Max took off from there with his first band: “We’ve already had some success.”

For his “The Voice” performance, Max chose a mega hit from 2000: “Last Resort” by Papa Roach.

Max knocks the jury out of socks – Johannes Ording, Sarah Connor, Nico Santos and Mark Forster (from left)Photo: SAT.1 / ProSieben / Andre Kowalski

It was entirely to the taste of the jury—after Max literally shook his heart, the highest award could have been sought for “The Voice” talent: a four-part buzzer. The electronics technician exclaimed: “F***, that’s cool!” Juror Johannes Ording (39) also actually turned it up: “It was like six espressos, veins. You had the right energy. There I was!”

But he wasn’t the only rock fan – Nico Santos (28) also tried to score points with Max: “My mom was in a rock punk band. I grew up with it! But Ording was unwilling to leave the field to his jury rival.

Johannes Ording on guitar - this is where he works for his candidate

Johannes Ording on guitar – this is where he works for his candidatePhoto: SAT.1 / ProSieben / Andre Kowalski

He boasted, “Max, I’m also an absolute heavy metal person. I can do every song, every metal song.” Mark Forster (38) straight up asked him to taste electric guitar — and Johannes Ording suddenly became very humble: “Hey, what was I thinking?

The solo, which he then brought to the stage with an electric guitar, made the entire studio happy. Nico Santos nodded in despair, Sarah Connor (41) slowly resigning: “It will certainly be difficult for us.”

But Niko was still not ready to give up. He asked Max to sit on his jury chair, grabbed the microphone and sang “You’re Bb My Girl” by Jett.

He also changed the text specifically for his desired disciple: “Are you going to be on my team?” Even after this performance, the studio erupted in applause—and Sarah Connor surrendered: “It was great. I think I’m out anyway.”

For rock fan Max, however, the agony of choice began now – he commented in a broad Bavarian dialect: “It was really awesome. You’re making it difficult for me, man. What am I really doing now? am?”

However, in the end, he joined the team Johannes Ording – the first to buzz. The songwriter jumped with joy from his jury chair and promised: “We will do something good. Waken! “

With the success of “The Voice”, Maximilian Hoffmann is sure to have his next appearance in the “open-air Wegendorf”.

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