Theater Screen: BMW turns car into cinema with 31″ display and Fire TV.

Theatre Screen: BMW macht das Auto mit 31"-Display und Fire TV zum Kino

In future luxury-class models, BMW is looking to offer the theater screen, a massive 31-inch screen with a resolution of up to 8K, as the new entertainment for the rear. The display is placed in the headliner and, if necessary, expanded into Cinema Mode, which is accompanied by Hans Zimmer music. An Amazon Fire TV is also integrated.

BMW uses CES 2022 as a showcase for future technologies in the automotive segment. The theater screen, however, is not a study, but is to be introduced in the luxury class of BMW’s next generation. In the new 7 Series, which will also be available electric, BMW is looking to offer a mobile cinema, even though the carmaker hasn’t named the model yet. However, the editorial team was able to take a seat in front of the theater screens in Munich and despite the elaborate camouflage, it was relatively easy to identify the underlying car as a 7 Series.

only there when performance is required

End of normal screens that are mounted on the backrests of the front seats. ,ugly“This previous solution is named after Dr. Tarek Zaki, who is Project and Partner Lead for Rear Seat Entertainment at BMW, in an interview prior to the fair. The theater screen, on the other hand, is placed in the headliner, so it is permanently present. Doesn’t happen and expands only when it’s really needed.

Hans Zimmer arrives with Switch to Cinema Mode

When the time comes, BMW will almost celebrate the switch to Cinema Mode. After activating “My Theater Mode,” the display swings out from the headliner via two hinged side rails and presents itself along a 31-inch diagonal in front of the passengers seated behind. At the same time, the sun blinds on the side windows and the rear window are closed and the ambient lighting at the rear of the vehicle is dimmed. Correct background music is provided by Hans Zimmer, who is also responsible for the electric driving sounds in BMW. The sound sequence ends exactly when the screen reaches its final position. However, the angle of the screen can be adjusted to suit the seating position of the audience. The corresponding buttons can be found on the side area of ​​the screen so that they can be easily accessed from both the seating positions.

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BMW Theater Screen (Image: BMW)

8K resolution in 32:9 format

The 31-inch or about 79 cm diagonal is specially extended in front of passengers in a wide 32:9 format and recorded with resolutions of up to 8K. BMW talks about 8,000×2,000 pixels, but fails to provide details on the panel. However, an LCD with OLED or Mini LED backlight cannot be expected since the black image areas did not appear dark enough during the first exercise in Munich. Still, having such a big screen in front of you was impressive.

A Fire TV delivers content

Many pixels need to be filled with appropriate, high-resolution content, ideally those from smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs as well. However, the company’s own BMW OS 8, which is used in the iX, i4 and new 2 Series active tourer, lacks apps for, for example, Disney+, Netflix or Prime Video. So a Fire TV was integrated into the theater screen so that many of the apps known from this Amazon platform could be used in the car as well. In Munich at the time, Amazon didn’t want to comment on whether there would be games, Office apps, and the Silk browser as well. Connection of services is via 5G, which will be used in most series after the iX and i4.

touch panels in doors

It operates either directly via touch on the screen or via two touch panels that BMW has integrated into the rear door panel. In BMW’s futuristic luxury segment, behind each door will be a display that will be the size of a smartphone. Users can also set the aspect ratio with which the screen should display the content, i.e. full width in 16:9, 21:9 or 32:9, which essentially leads to a cropped image. Provides a sound experience suitable for movies and series as well as cinema with the Bowers & Wilkins “Diamond Surround Sound System”.

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Computerbase got information about this item from BMW during an event organized by the manufacturer near Munich under NDA. The cost of commuting to and from the site was borne by BMW. No obligation to report or on behalf of the manufacturer.

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