There is room in the smallest cottage for “…”?

There is room in the smallest cottage for "..."?

As we know from Schiller: “The smallest hut has a place for …”?

Gunther Zücht “Christie to Once Be a Millionaire?” On February 5, 2021. How does a famous German poet’s quote end? With “a happy whistle song”, “a tall baby”, “a happily loving couple” or “a bed that promises happiness”? Romantic Resolution: c) “A happily loving couple”. The lines come from the love poem “Der Jeweling am Bache”.

Do you know the answer to this question and will continue to gamble up to a million? Who Wants To Be Our Millionaire? You can test how far you will make it as a candidate in the popular RTL quiz show.

“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Slot Machine Clean Up With “Slot”

Play your way through different questionnaires using classic slot machine theory and show your mind when you click a button – because those with the right sense for risk only know when the next push of a button Offers chance of main prize. And your instinct should fail you: don’t worry! “Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Slots” You can’t lose any money unlike the real WWM studios – it’s only played with play money.

“Who will be a millionaire?” Training Camp “- Become a candidate yourself

If you want to prove your knowledge, you can be a candidate in the famous “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! Training Camp” and take a virtual seat in front of moderator Gunter Jet. With all the original question guides from previous events, you can test for yourself whether you would know more than the candidate – and maybe even went home with a million. Join and find out.

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