There’s no need for a dog bath day at the Sangerhauser area outdoor pool

Senta, der sechsjährige Labrador-Mix, beim Hundebadetag in Hettstedt im September 2020.

Sangerhausen / Hetstad / MZ – While Dog Bathing Day takes place on September 11 at the Hetstad open-air pool and September 12 at the Eisleben open-air pool, this is not a problem at the open-air pool in Sangerhausen. In Hetstad and Eisleben, at the end of the season, before the water is drained, four-legged friends are traditionally allowed into the pool – each time a lot of fun for the animals and the owners.

However, in the western part of the district, you can’t really get used to the idea. “We haven’t planned a dog bath day in the Sangerhausen public bathhouse,” says Nico Scherbe, head of baths at the Sangerhausen municipal bath company, which operates the public baths. “We are currently focusing on the opening of the ‘Savanne’ indoor pool from 4 September,” said Scherbe. Dog Bathing Day is organized at the discretion of the pool operator concerned. “In any case, we don’t have to copy everything that other outdoor pools organize,” Scherbe says.

The outdoor pool doesn’t require a dog bath day

This is how you see it at the Wolfsburg outdoor pool: “I’ve never heard of this idea before,” says Wolfsburg’s local mayor, Udo Lucas. So it was not an issue and there was no such inquiry. “We have several other bathing areas for dogs in Wolfsburg,” Lucas says. Bathing season is now over at the Wolfsburg Outdoor Pool. Because of the current weather conditions, the fire brigade and village community association that operate the pool decided to do the same, says Lucas.

Vipra also does not have any dog ​​bathing days in Vipertalabad. “We haven’t made any plans,” says local mayor Monika Raut (non-party), who is also president of the home care association that runs Wipra Swimming Pools and Pools. “I have heard that such a day will happen in Eisleben and Hetstad. But you do not have to follow every trend,” says Rahut. There is no demand for this at the moment. “Should this change, we will consider Will see if we can arrange something like this in future. I am not opposing it,” says Rahut.

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