These new features are waiting for you

These new features are waiting for you

In a few weeks, Google wants Android 12 published. The big update brings a new design and lots of new features. But unless smartphone makers like samsunghandjob Xiaomi And the company has distributed the update to users, months can go by. More exciting is a new announcement from Google: so this autumn they’re looking to bring some new features to all Android smartphones. The minimum requirement for this is Android 9. More than 90 percent of all Android smartphones meet this requirement.

With the new update, you can control your TV with your smartphone, create your own emoji and more. We’ll give you an overview of all the new functions.

Android gets an integrated remote control

Remote control incorrect or not within range? Your Android phone can help in the future. so google integrates remote control for all google TV or Android TV device directly into the system. It includes all the latest TVs of Sonyhandjob PHILIPShandjob Panasonichandjob tcl, Xiaomi and other manufacturers. But also TV boxes and streaming sticks like that magenta tv Stick, Nvidia Shield or Google Chromecast. You’ll find the remote control in the coming weeks in the new Google TV app or directly in the quick settings next to W-LAN, Airplane Mode, and Company.

Create and send your own emoji

Another exciting feature that will be integrated into Gboard, the Android keyboard, is the emoji kitchen. With this function you can combine different emoji and express even more emotions and things. Self-designed emoji can also be sent to other people via WhatsApp and company.

More safety in road traffic

Google’s own Pixel smartphones have been warning its users for a few months now if users see their smartphones running for too long. Users then receive a warning such as “be alert” or “watch out”. Now Google is integrating this feature in the Digital Wellbeing settings of every smartphone. Are you bothered by notifications? Then you can also switch it off.

also for android auto There are various new functions. That’s why Google Assistant can suggest songs, news and podcasts for you to listen to in the future. also supports android auto Now work profile from your smartphone and can remind you of work appointments, for example. do you use two? SIM cardIn the future, you can choose which ones you want to use for standard in-car calls. even the popular one navigation app waze There are some new functions available in Android Auto.

With the new integration of “GameSnacks” in Android Auto, you’ll be able to play countless mini-games in the future while you wait, for example, for your electric car to charge.

Android update: Password-protected photos, easier sharing, and more

The new update for all Android users brings to your smartphone several other small functions that were previously available exclusively on Google’s Pixel smartphones. So you can create password protected folders in Google Photos app and hide private photos and videos in future.

Nearby Share is Google’s service for quickly sharing photos, videos and other files with people nearby without loss of quality. With the new visibility settings, you can make yourself visible to only your contacts or to all users.

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All the functions listed should be arriving with your Android smartphone this fall, promises Google. Make sure all apps are up to date and that you are using at least Android 9 on your smartphone.

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