This celebrity is looking forward to meeting her

This celebrity is looking forward to meeting her

The Angela Merkel era ends on 8 December. His successor, Olaf Scholz, was elected and sworn in. But what does Federal Chancellor A. D. With your free time? A VIP hopes to meet her on vacation.

was for 16 years Angela Merkel Federal Chancellor of the FRG, she was not re-elected for a fifth time and was succeeded by her CDU armin lashet could not stand against the opponent of SPD, Olaf Scholzo, drag up. NS traffic light alliance The coalition agreement was signed on 7 December, and Scholz would now be elected as the new federal chancellor in the Bundestag, then by the Bundestag president. barbell settled (SPD) took oath. And Merkel? What will she do with the time that is soon available?

Reinhold Messner hopes to meet Merkel on vacation

Mountaineer Reinhold Messner Have an idea. Because he looks forward to seeing Merkel again after the end of her term. Politicians have been on vacation in South Tyrol in the summer for years.

“I think she’ll come back and then we’ll get together and go hiking together again,” the famous adventurer and author said in an interview with the German Press Agency. with the chancellor and her husband Joachim Sawyer He told that the 77-year-old has been meeting for more than ten years.

“I would rather go hiking with him now than before”

Messner is happy that in the future he will no longer be with the head of government, but with a political pensioner. “When she’s out of pressure, I’d rather go hiking with her than before,” he said. Then you definitely won’t have the feeling that people are watching you. Even though the climb with him is “always peaceful and with a lot of respect,” Messner said.

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Messner said he brought Merkel to the northern Italian province of South Tyrol as a vacation spot. He met at the chancellor before his time, “and he asked me: ‘Where can I go on vacation in peace in the mountains?’ She always dreamed of going to the mountains and couldn’t do it in the GDR.”

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