This is how the car turns into an airplane

This is how the car turns into an airplane

Europe’s first flying car allowed to fly: The company Klein Vision’s aircar is officially airborne. In the way of coveted licenses, things didn’t always go uphill.

Reports have dated the flying car to several years. And that too came to nothing for many years. It is not clear how many motorists crave starting permission. Now, however, an important license has been issued: according to the Slovakian manufacturer Klein Vision, it received its airworthiness certificate from the local air traffic control authority. Accordingly, their flying car is approved for air traffic in Europe.

According to a representative Forsa survey from 2020, most Germans fundamentally disapprove of the use of air taxis. One can only imagine air taxis carrying the vast majority of sick people in the event of a medical emergency.

This was preceded by 70 hours of testing in accordance with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards. More than 200 take-offs and landings were completed.

Take Off: Slovakian company Klein Vision wants to teach cars to fly. (source: producer)

“Certification opens the door to mass production,” says aircar inventor Stephen Klein, head of development and test pilot. At least he’s clearly convinced of flying cars.

Because on the way to licenses, things didn’t always go up: One of his old flying cars (then called “Aeromobil”) crashed during a test run in 2015. Slovakia Far flung. Klein managed to save himself by parachuting from a height of 300 meters.

Room for two more hand luggage

In the meantime, however, not only has the name changed, but the car has changed as well. The current Aircar version – this is the fourth – is powered by a 160 hp BMW engine. It has a range of 1,000 km and reaches a cruising speed of 190 km/h in flight. In less than three minutes, transform a vehicle from a car to an airplane.

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You can see how the car transforms and how it performs as an airplane Here Or in the video above.

It provides space for two and a payload of 200 kg. So it is better that you travel with only hand luggage. Must have a valid pilot’s license. Otherwise the aircar has to stay on the ground.

By the way: in the near future it will not happen that you will overtake a plane on the Autobahn. And not in the future either. It is more likely that flying cars will be used on fixed routes, for example along commuter routes with permanent traffic jams – for example as taxis for commuters who have a lot of money to arrive a few minutes early.

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