This is what Prince Albert did during the fall of Charlene

This is what Prince Albert did during the fall of Charlene

There is a big concern for Charlene of Monaco. The 43-year-old suffered a breakdown from Thursday to Friday and had to be treated at the hospital. When can she return to the princely state? not clear. Meanwhile, her husband goes about his official business.

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When the news hit the ticker on Friday morning, there was great excitement: “Charlene was to have another operation on September 3 before she suddenly collapsed,” read the principal’s announcement. A Breakdown With Princess Charlene? Mahal quickly tried to please. The 43-year-old is now recovering and is being monitored. Foundation director Chantel Wittstock gave an update on the state of health on Friday afternoon: “Doctors are still trying to figure out what exactly happened,” Wittstock told AFP. By then he had been discharged from the hospital.

The reason for the collapse was “complications of a serious ENT infection”, which the 43-year-old contracted in May. “She was in a lot of pain”, but the collapse was “part of the recovery process”.

Albert’s library visit: he knew about Charlene’s breakup

Royal fans wondered what her husband, Prince Albert II of Monaco, was doing during that time. Nothing special, you might think. Because the 63-year-old stuck with her planned daily routine and went about her royal duties. business as usual? With six-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, she attended Trinity College in Dublin on the day of Charlene’s fall.

This is revealed from the photos on the Twitter account of Elite University. Albert was there as part of a three-day visit to Ireland and, according to the posting, he completed the appointment on Friday afternoon.

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Accordingly, Monegasse took a look at the library’s special collection. Works belonging to his grandfather, Prince Albert I, are exhibited there. In three paintings, Charlene’s husband can be seen, among other things, in front of a part of the library which was named after him: “HSH Albert II of Monaco” can be read on the wood carvings. Another figure shows the royal signing the guest book while her children watch her. In the last photo, Albert speaks in the background, Princess Gabriella dancing in a red and white patterned dress in the hallway of the library.

at that time it was Albert of Monaco The information about the wife’s fall was already given. Since the palace had officially clarified everything, there was apparently no reason to break the protocol of foreign travel. How Charlene is currently doing is unclear. Only one thing is certain: the couple probably won’t see each other in person so soon, as Mahal is now talking about the same. charlene von monaco Couldn’t start the journey home until October. Unless her husband makes an unplanned trip to South Africa to meet her.

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