This royal gets her own chain too

This royal gets her own chain too

Spain’s Sofia (84) always overshadowed her husband Juan Carlos (84). But that must change now. The former Queen of Spain is set to get her own series. It is considered an offshoot of the series “Crown” Which revolves around the life of the British royal family. “Sofia, una mujer real” (English: “Sofia, a real woman”) should be called the series. The screenplay is based on two biographies of Sofia.

According to the production company, the documentary will for the first time focus on the character of a woman who is a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother and daughter-in-law. The Spanish spin-off is also set to reveal many details about Sofia of Spain. For example, not many people know that he has been a vegetarian for over 30 years. Furthermore, the native Greeks are not used to bullfights to this day. “Once Sofia was invited to a bullfight. He was wearing sunglasses. After some time, she admitted that the glasses were opaque – Sofia didn’t want to see anything,” revealed producer Mercedes Gamero.

But the project is still in its infancy. So it is not known when the series is to go on air. And another queen is said to get the chain: Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

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