Those 3,000 New BMWs and Minis Just Abandoned

Those 3,000 New BMWs and Minis Just Abandoned

( – yes… you have a really dusty picture on the cover picture of this story BMW M4 saw. He’s in a sorry state and has become like 3,000 other people BMW And MiniThe one who surrounded him never drove.

Abandoned BMW


All these vehicles have been on a wasteland in Vancouver for six years. And for those of you who now have ambitions to “restore” or “rebuild” it, unfortunately there is no hope…

But why is it so? After being produced in 2014, these 3,000 models arrived at Halifax Port in February 2015 for the simple reason of exposure to salt and moisture.

At that time a terrible blizzard swept across Canada, causing a lot of damage. This also applies to the models that interest us today. Then a lot broke. The electrical wiring harness, starters and steering rack in these new cars are simply bad.

It is a shame, because these vehicles could have been saved had the authorities ordered a recall. However, BMW itself considered such measures and repairs uneconomical, and the Bavarian company instead preferred to completely replace the customers’ damaged vehicles and simply build them from scratch.

Apart from the BMW M4 on the cover picture, there are other attractive models that have been damaged by the storm. These horrifying details are shown in a video uploaded to Instagram channel supercars.fails. For example, we still recognize similar models BMW M6, a i8 and a rare Alpana B6.

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The Canadian Department of Transportation has also provided a list of models stored on this famous wasteland, where 3,000 vehicles are stored until they are destroyed or, best of all, recycled, even if they contain Some of them are quite rusty. Incredible?

Source: @supercar.fails (Instagram)

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