Thousands of people in Canada demonstrated for the ban…

Thousands of people in Canada demonstrated for the ban...

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Ottawa – Several thousand people have taken part in an annual protest against abortion rights in the Canadian capital Ottawa. Protesters held placards “praying for an end to abortion” in front of Canada’s parliament yesterday.

The young women in particular opposed him in a short protest. Among other things, they raised the slogans “Our body, our decision”. The protest took place this year in the backdrop of debates in Canada’s neighboring US, which has been gathering momentum for several days.

According to a draft ruling that recently went public, the Supreme Court historic “Roe v. Wade,” which established the national right to abortion in 1973.

In Canada – as in the United States – the right to abortion is not expressly guaranteed by law. However, in 1988, a Supreme Court decision lifted the ban on abortion.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a news conference yesterday that women around the world are “very concerned that the significant advances in women’s rights that they have made, which we have all made, are being reversed”. Canada’s Liberal government has said it will protect abortion rights and potentially legislate them.

In the United States, the repeal of Roe v. Wade’s landmark decision would result in states having the freedom to ban abortions or substantially restrict access to abortion. About half of the 50 states are likely to go this route if “Roe v. Wade” is indeed tipped. afp/

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