Thousands protest in Vienna – Opponents of lockdown attacked police officers – arrested! – News

Thousands protest in Vienna - Opponents of lockdown attacked police officers - arrested!  - News

Opponents of measures mobilized in Austria on the last weekend before the lockdown!

Right-wing extremist FPÖ has organized two demonstrations in Vienna, with so-called “identifiers” also calling for protests – 35,000 protesters are currently marching through the streets of the capital, police said. There is also talk of protesters coming from Germany.

A police spokesman for BILD said: “The mood is hot. Bottles and firecrackers were thrown at police officers. Several arrests were made.”

A Twitter video showed protesters throwing a projectile at officers.

Police is on duty in Vienna with 1,300 officers from across the country. “We are well and comprehensively positioned to prevent any escalation,” a police spokesman said on Saturday.

It remains to be seen whether the demo in Vienna will proceed like the protests in Rotterdam (Netherlands) against the 2G rule. On Saturday night, thousands of people created a ruckus in the city centre, setting police vehicles on fire and pelting stones at officers with bottles, stones and firecrackers. Police had to shoot two people and a dozen were injured.

Many protesters have also come from Germany.Photo: Florian Weisser / DPA

Since 9 a.m., the FPO has been demonstrating at Human Rights Square against the lockdown imposed by Chancellor Alexander Schellenberg (52, VP) and the mandatory vaccination for all announced for February. The second FPÖ rally started at 11am on Jesutenwicz. Programs are recorded till 8 pm.

Protests are also said to be taking place in City Park, where right-wing extremist activist Jennifer Klauninger and other ideologues camp. In the end, however, everyone can meet in an FPO demonstration on the Jesuit meadow, the police estimate.

FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl (53) on Friday launched a verbal attack against the lockdown and compulsory vaccinations: “To this day, Austria remains a dictatorship!” He spoke rumblingly.

I Spicy: Army personnel also want to march in the FPO demonstration. Brigadier Johann Geswinkler (59) and Colonel Hermann Mitterer had called for participation in an “open letter”. Gaswinkler, who describes himself as an “intelligence officer” in the letter, was suspended at the beginning of the year for wearing a T-shirt containing quotes from a right-wing extremist poet.

The Federal Armed Forces Federation also supports the FG side thinker demo. However: by “standard”, the FG is a mini-union of Burgenland, led by ex-FPÖ politician Martin Heidinger.

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