Three Exercises for Arms and Shoulders

Three Exercises for Arms and Shoulders

A breast cancer diagnosis is life changing. So it is even more important to regenerate after the operation. To keep your body flexible, regular exercise should be part of the therapy plan immediately after the operation.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you can start training, you should discuss this with your treatment team in advance.

Shoulder and arm training

These three physiotherapeutic exercises by experts cancer app mika Help you move your shoulder and arm better.

  1. closed fist: Extend one arm forward at shoulder height. Make a fist in this position. Open these again and spread your fingers. Hold for one second in each position and do this 10 times in total. Then switch weapons.

    Growth: Keep both hands stretched out in front of you at shoulder height. Simultaneously move the arms out of the position by the side of the body. Open the ball and your fist several times. Finish by bringing both hands back in front of your chest. Repeat ten times.

  2. Towel Exercise: You will need a towel for this exercise. Fold it long and place it on top of a pole that is securely tied over you. Grab the ends and slowly pull one towards the floor. In this way the other hand is pulled up. Repeat this 10 times in turn.

    Growth: Hold the towel taut in front of you. Keeping your elbows straight, bring both hands above your chest at the same time. Pause there for a moment and slowly lower it back down. The towel stays taut. Repeat ten times.

  3. Chest Enlargement: In an upright position, clasp your hands behind your body. Your body is not bent forward. Be careful not to arch your back. Hold it for 20 to 30 seconds and leave it.

    Growth: Bring your hands back together behind your back. Then slowly move them up and down your spine. Repeat this ten times.

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During training, your upper body should remain calm, you should only be able to move your shoulders and arms without pain. To avoid shrugging your shoulders, exercise in front of a mirror.

Important: Always train both shoulders and arms and do not use any extra weight.

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