Toi Animation celebrates the second season of “World Trigger” with an international fan show

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Just before Christmas, animation studio Toi Animation promised to celebrate the start of the second season “World Trigger” with a special event. An internationally broadcast livestream event, “World Trigger Season 2 Global Livestream Watch Party” is to be screened on January 30 in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

The special simulcast event will also be broadcast via Official youtube channel Toei be recoverable from animation. Social media settled the incidents of Justin Rodges and Lisa Wallen. Voice actors Tomo Muranaka, Kenta Tanaka, Toshiyuki Toyanaga and Ayumu Mures, who lend their voices to all the important characters of the series, address fans with a special message of greeting and provide the first fight in the new season of the anime. The program should run for a total of two hours and, according to Toi’s press release, will be broadcast on anime in demand in this country.

Toei Animation promises a diverse program

In addition, the first two episodes of “World Trigger” season two will be shown in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. There is also a plan for discussion. The moderators comment on each episode, and each episode is followed by a special gimmick among the audience.

“World Trigger” was published as a manga by Shuessa-Verlag. Toei Animation tells the story between 2014 and 2016 An anime, Consisting of 73 episodes. Toi Animation brought director Morio Hatano on board for seasons two and three. The speakers of the first season could also be won back, and at that time a large part of the production team also participated in the second season.

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World Trigger Season Two Image: Two Animations

Unwanted neighbor

In “World Trigger”, the Border Defense Agency fights against otherworldly creatures called neighbors. Osamu Mikumo is a general agent for the agency and is supported by a neighbor, and his childhood friend Chika Amatori. There is a fierce competition between different agents, as they all want to be chosen to be sent to the world of neighbors.

At the same time, the creatures prepare for a major attack, although the city of Mikado is still trying to recover from the last attack. To avoid panic in the city, Border, while fighting with Yuchi Jin, an elite fighter, tries to stop the neighbors. When the gate opens and a powerful neighbor appears, Jin has a terrible vision.

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