Too little initiative? Farmer Hans disappointed both the women

Too little initiative!?  Things are not going well for Farmer Hans in Canada

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Thoughtfulness and desperation instead of butterflies and pink clouds! In Canada, the mood is subdued. Very restrained. So what’s wrong with “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale” candidate Hans? What are the two ladies waiting? This is something that both opponents have to get rid of. And suddenly Daniel (52) and Nina (54) speak their heart out to each other. With our morning coffee done, we get down to business, as we reveal in our video.

Danielle: “It takes a little longer to open the heart”

As they arrive in Canada, Danielle and Nina learn that the shepherd farmer Hans bears no resemblance to the man they applied for. However, it was purely optical, as the 63-year-old had lost almost half his weight. Do you now have to realize that you too had misconceptions about his personality?

Both women waiting agree: not enough on his part. Is Hans interested in you too? Or do women play only a frivolous supporting role with all their beloved animals? “If things keep going like this, we won’t make any progress,” said waiting lady Nina. And Monica is also very outspoken: “It takes a little more time to open the heart.”

Hard to recognize! Since his application to the “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale”, the Canadian candidate Hans has changed significantly.


Can the reserved farmer jump from his shadow and initiate something else? Will Hans finally wake up and let love into his life? Or do the two candidates really come out together? you can see that RTL+ . online on

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