Top Kitchen, €150,000 in debt! Frank Rosin reveals the reason for the gastro-couple

Top Kitchen, €150,000 in debt!  Frank Rosin reveals the reason for the gastro-couple

Updated June 10, 2021, at 10:22 pm.

  • Star chef Frank Rosin calls a restaurateur couple “deeply arrogant” and “self-indulgent” in the current episode of the Kabel-ins documentary “Rosin’s Restaurant.”
  • With the restructuring of a traditional company that had largely taken over.
  • Bitter words – but there was also extraordinary praise.

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“Okay, great. I’m totally thrilled!” she never beforerosins Restaurants”—better food for people who know each other, says Frank Rosin in a new episode of the Kabel-Ans show.

The atmosphere of Restaurant Stephens in Bad Eibling in Upper Bavaria also appeals to celebrity chefs: “The shop is well equipped, it’s done with care…” So what exactly is the problem with operators Petra and Niklas Steffen, Who asked him for help?

Well, on the one hand, there’s the lack of an extractor system, which actually made it illegal to cook in a mini kitchen—approval was only obtained on condition that it was still installed. Unfortunately, the renovation of the shop had already cost a lot of money: Petra Stephan had borrowed 100,000 euros from her sister, another 50,000 from the bank, but that was all over – with the urgently needed prints. There was no one left for now.

The Rosin team solves the problem, much to the relief of the couple, but the other “construction sites” remain. Renewables: By the end of 2019, Stephens – still under the name of Café Stephen’s at the time – was a local institution, with people raving about cakes and tarts from Petra’s father, Gunther Steffen (81), since 1967 Runs the shop was handled by the father himself. And then?

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Betty’s idea should result in fewer cafes, more restaurants and bars, as coffee and cake could be found on every corner of Bad Eibling.

“Rosins Restaurant”: “Teffenarogent” and “Larifari”

But now the people of Bad Aibling miss out on that Stephen’s Cake and the old cafe, which really annoys Petra, as she and her husband Niklas feel that they are not given a chance at the new shop.

Frank Rosin asks if this attitude is “a little self-indulgent” to point out that the fault may be with him as well: “Well, your opinion is that in 60 years of tradition you’d just do it like that knock.” is?”

Petra and Niklas Steffen call on star chef Frank Rosin (left) in great financial need.

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Star Chef: Complaining about missing guests’ lack of understanding is “deep arrogance,” instead both should think for themselves – what kind of place Stephens really wants to be, as it comes from being thrown together wildly. The menu doesn’t stand out.

The concept is “Momentally Larifari”, Petra Stephens acknowledges and must also admit that she has an understanding for the culinary arts, but not for its professional implementation. Because whether shopping or cooking – everything happened more or less at a snail’s pace and without any recognizable structure.

enthusiasm among rogues

Frank Rosin is now trying to get two restaurant operators to work on it, and it looks like they’re counting on him a little too much. For example, they hadn’t completed part of their “homework”: calculating prices for new menus.

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On the advice of the star chef, it features food classics with a new twist instead of the previous “Petras Asia style with regional cuisine”, which did not reveal a clear line. Papa Gunther’s cakes will also play a bigger role in the future, which is why Senior starts his son-in-law, a trained graphic artist, into his art of baking in the hope that one day he will be able to continue his life. Work with dignity.

Combining tradition and modernity – planned rather than headlessly emotional – the plan seems to be working. Because if Stephens only cooked three out of five possible stars in the first Test meal, they are now five in the final round. “I’m crying!”, Niklas Steffen expresses his joy, while the trial eaters traveling in the bully testify once again with a clap of their enthusiasm. (f)
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