Trudeau reflects Merkel’s outrage in media criticism of Germany’s poor vaccination program

Trudeau reflects Merkel's outrage in media criticism of Germany's poor vaccination program

Justin Trudeau has revealed that Angela Merkel is angered by the German media’s criticism of her country’s poor vaccination program.

During a phone call on Monday, Chancellor compared the media with Jab’s best performance in Canada, Trudeau claimed.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister said, “I had a good conversation yesterday morning with Angela Merkel, in which she complained to me that they do not take it from the German media and Canada every day.”

However, employment generation in Canada is not making much progress. As of Monday, 1.4 out of 1.7 people were vaccinated in Germany, slightly better than 1.4.

The UK has 6.96 vaccinations per 100 people. Israel leads the world in 30 cans per 100 citizens.

As of Monday, Canada had vaccinated 1.63 people per 100 people, slightly better than Germany’s 1.46, and 6.96 people per 100 people two miles behind the UK.

During a phone call on Monday, the Chancellor spoke about the media’s comparison with the job’s excellent progress in Canada, Trudeau claimed (Photo: Trudeau spoke at a press conference last month, left, Merkel today in a meeting In, right).

Trudeau was sympathetic to Ms. Merkel because there are many different opinions, reports and agreements on “this country is doing this” and “this country is doing this”.

The Prime Minister spoke in detail about Canada’s concerns about the slowdown in Pfizer jobs distribution.

The pharmaceutical company has warned governments around the world that there will be a delay in renovating its factory in Belgium this month and beyond.

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It was announced on Tuesday that Canada would not receive Pfizer vaccines next week, with further provinces already complaining of famine.

Trudeau said it was only a temporary delay and that 38 million people in Canada would be vaccinated by September.

The concern of the Canadian Prime Minister and the German Chancellor about the distribution of Fisher jobs is very much in Great Britain.

Fisher announced on Friday that it would increase production in Europe to deliver more cans in the second quarter and initially reduce production at the Belgian Peugeot and Vaccine plant.

This will affect delivery in the first half of next month.

However, certainty brings immediate relief to countries that want jobs.

There are growing concerns in the UK about how Pfizer distribution issues may affect vaccine release

Germany’s most populous North Rhine-Westphalia has announced that it will postpone the opening of new vaccination centers from 8 February.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn said he was “offended” by the brief announcement of the delay: “It’s not easy for us … We can only deliver what’s been delivered.”

On Tuesday, Merkel and heads of state in 16 federal states agreed to extend the lockout to most stores and schools by 14 February.

The Westphalian Ministry of Health of North Walk has been forced to reestablish a 53-week immunization center within a week, which would give more than 80 shots and no more shots in the first week.

About 350,000 people have already been vaccinated in the region. The ministry said that 30,000 more people would be recruited by the end of the week. Hospitals and nursing homes will resume 80,000 doses of vaccination by 1 February.

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The spread of the virus in Germany has slowed in recent weeks. The number of new cases increased from 19,600 to 2,068,002 a week before 15,974. Meanwhile, the death toll rose from 1,148 to 48,770.

Spann said 800 patients were in the intensive care unit a year or two ago, but this is not the time to loosen control.

“The goal is to reduce the number so that they can be managed long-term with parallel ramp shots,” he said.

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