Turkey: Seven face deportation for banana video

Turkey: Seven face deportation for banana video

Updated October 28, 2021, 3:05 pm.

  • The conflict between Turks and Syrian refugees threatens to escalate.
  • Seven foreign nationals have now been threatened with deportation from Turkey because they shared a video of themselves eating bananas on social media.

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Turkish authorities have ordered the deportation of seven foreign nationals who have been Shared video of himself eating banana on social media. Background There is a dispute between Turks and Syrian refugees over who can buy bananas. The foreigners were arrested for provocative posts on social media – and their deportation was initiated, the immigration authority announced on Wednesday evening. According to information received from Turkish media, they are Syrians.

Street Pole sparks controversy

The reason for the controversy over banana was a street pole Trigger from last week: A Turk complains that Syrians can spend more in the country than locals. “I can’t eat bananas, you buy kilos of bananas…” he said to a migrant. Then she defended herself and insisted that she was paying for it.

Shortly after, videos appeared on social media showing users eating bananas as a demonstration and backing up recordings with quotes from road surveys.

The Migration Authority said they would thoroughly investigate the background of the video and take action against anyone sharing it.

Turkey has taken in some 3.7 million refugees and hundreds of thousands of other migrants from Syria. In view of the economic crisis in the country, resentment against migrants is increasing. In mid-August, mobs attacked Syrians and their businesses in Ankara. (dpa/ska)

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