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The first of three studies by Global TV Group examines the effectiveness of advertising and sales in various markets.

The first “Global TV Deck” of the year has appeared and analyzes the sales impact of the medium. The new compilation brings together studies such as Accenture by Screenforce and “The Halo Effect” by Thinkbox, “Not All Reach Is Equal”. The sales impact of TV advertising in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States is examined in detail – countries with a total of 655 million inhabitants.

“TV advertising dictates what the economy needs urgently for a national reopening. It creates a direct incentive to buy and enhance digital campaigns. Also, it builds brand loyalty that accelerates while increasing sales allows for.” Screenplay Austria spokesman Walter Zingle (IP Austria). “Thanks to its transparent mediocrity and high coverage, it is a safe investment that has a direct impact on sales.”

Three times more sales impact than other types of advertising

According to the “Global TV Deck”, TV has three times more sales impact than out-of-home (OOH), radio and paid search. Print and social media are far behind. TV advertising generates 65 percent of all media-driven sales and increases the impact of digital campaigns. Their return on investment increases by 19 percent with simultaneous TV presence. E-commerce benefits greatly from the positive impact of TV advertising on online advertising.

Using Canada as an example, the study shows a higher return on investment (ROI) of TV advertising. This is an investment of $ 14.34 per dollar, while the average across all media is $ 11.79. Paid search ($ 11.45) and paid advertising ($ 9.99) on social media are below average. In a long-term outlook over four years, TV Roy rises to $ 23.40 and outpaces other media types and forms of advertising.

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Arrive as the deciding factor

A Spanish study suggests that accessibility is crucial to the sales impact of the campaign. With its high reach, TV makes a decisive contribution to achieve sales targets with low investment. Sean Cunningham, president of Global TV Group, summarized: “From quick activation to building loyalty, TV meets both brand and sales goals in the short and long term.”

One can study “TV Drives Business Results” from the three-part study series “The Global TV Deck” Can be obtained for free here. (As)


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