Twitter: Musk for job cuts and age ratings, to drop character limits

Twitter: Musk for job cuts and age ratings, to drop character limits

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has started putting his stamp on the online service after taking over Twitter. Among other things, he wants to create a new body to deal with controversial material. Before such a council meeting, there will be no major decisions on content policy or account recovery, he wrote on Twitter. The activation of former President Donald Trump’s account, which Musk has been discussing over the past few months, is therefore not to be expected immediately.

On the other hand, Musk promised in a tweet over the weekend, “Anyone who has been banned for trivial and questionable reasons will be released from Twitter jail.” He also promised to remove the 280-character limit for tweets. Were prepared. He also thought it would be a good idea if users could choose between different versions of the service: “Like an age rating at the cinema.”

According to media reports, immediate job cuts should be initiated on Twitter as well. Of Financial Services Bloomberg wroteMusk brought software developers from the electric car maker he manages to Twitter headquarters to examine the platform’s program code. Business Insider told, Musk appeared in an internal profile with the title CEO. It was previously reported that he wanted to take positions at Tesla and his space company SpaceX in addition to his top job, among others.

Musk on Friday officially completed its $44 billion acquisition of the online service. Since then, there has been little official information about what is happening on Twitter. The dismissals of top managers surrounding previous boss Parag Agarwal were initially known only through media reports. Musk has yet to provide any details about his plans for the future of Twitter. It could go like this: With the buyout, Musk takes Twitter off the stock exchange and then doesn’t provide information on business development.

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Musk has often criticized Twitter for restricting freedom of speech too much. It raised concerns that there could be more hate speech and hate speech on Twitter under their control. The formation of the Materials Council may now indicate a more cautious course.

At the same time, Musk jumped on a complaint from the right-wing political spectrum that Twitter was being censored in the sense of “left-wing.” “I’ll look into it,” he wrote. Twitter should not favor either side. The service has been following a strict course against false information about elections for years – and Trump supporters in particular speak up of censorship. Musk recently showed political solidarity with the Republican Party, which is still dominated by Trump. US President Joe Biden’s Democrats have become a “party of division and hatred,” he wrote on Twitter in May.


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