Two girls missing from Redsburg area: Police sought help

Two girls missing from Redsburg area: Police sought help

Since late Saturday, criminal police have been searching for two underage girls from Bradstedt and Rendsburg who were reported missing by their parents. Picture photos and details of the missing were published at 5 pm. Police believe that the two girls are traveling together.

They are 14-year-old Jasmine V from Bredstad and 16-year-old Liane E from Rendsburg. Jasmine left her parents’ house at 5 a.m. on Thursday, January 13. Lian has been missing since 10 pm on Wednesday, January 12. Police suspect the missing girls may be in the Greater Kiel or Rendsburg area.

Police: Height of both girls is 1.65 meters

14-year-old Jasmine is 1.65 m tall, she has a strong figure, shoulder-length hair of dark brown color. She is wearing a light jacket with a hood, black trousers with a white pattern. She wears white adidas sneakers and a black backpack.

16-year-old Lian is also 1.65 meters tall and thin. She has long brown hair and wears glasses, possibly wearing a tall white parka. He also has a dark bag. Police did not provide any further information. Anyone who sees the girls or can provide information on their whereabouts should call 0431/1603333 or call the police at 110.

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