Ulm / Neu-Ulm / Toronto: Ulm and Neuro-Ulm celebrated carnival in Canada 50 years ago

Ulm / Neu-Ulm / Toronto: Ulm and Neuro-Ulm celebrated carnival in Canada 50 years ago

Perhaps the most famous carnival story in Ulm and Neuro-Ulm occurred 6500 kilometers away. About an extraordinary journey and its highlights.

Finally, an Indian chief of the Ulm was honorary and an Indian chief honorary senator of the Great Carnival Society
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The two men exchanged a fool’s hat for a headdress. Forty years ago, the twin cities probably had the most carnival story, 6500 kilometers and a ten-hour flight. Not for the actual Carnival season, but in September and October 1971. At the invitation of the Canadian associations, the Ulm and Neuro-Ulm Carnival friends traveled from Stuttgart to Toronto with the Air Canada DC8 nozzle clipper. Some of the fellow travelers, recalls Helga Malisevsky, a Ulm city councilor, even took loans for the purpose that Neuro-Ulmar Sparkus offered specifically for this purpose.

Her husband who was president of the Malisiewski Carnival Society and Chief Gaara Inga Awa after the trip, meaning everyone’s friend. One photo showed him smoking the Peace Pipe of the Mohawk Indians. A photo that was taken by Horst Höger – then and still for him as a photographer Neuro-ulmar zitung in the process. He traveled along the pond and provided pictures for two special pages NUZ, Wrote lyrics and was in Toronto by a German-speaking Canadian radio station The chin Interview He and other German journalists should report their impressions in Canada. The chin Even today it is radiated, “Morning time is in the mouth of gold” from 7 to 8 am on Sunday morning with moderator Uli Jeschke.

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Carnalagleschelfchat Ulm / Neuro-Ulm with performances in the industrial cities of Toronto and Hamilton in September 1971.  The company was also headed by Joe Melsiewski at the time and Allgover, general manager of the city of Ulm.

Great Carnival Society Ulm / Neuro-Ulm 1971 tour of Canada

Picture: Horst Hogar

Carnival in Canada: Serenade and engagement at an altitude of 13,000 meters

Our newspaper report of October 8, 1971 stated that the journey had become a bit strange: the box containing the “artist’s goods” of the Carnavalians did not fit in the plane, it was also a centimeter long. Passengers had to return, and there was a two-hour delay due to fog. The first highlights were already on the way: Beer Brass Band
Served pilot. And Franz Sonnberger and Gisela Kuper were engaged – at an altitude of 13,000 meters. There was also a toast, and no less: when the plane landed in Toronto, there were only two bottles of peppermint liqueur left. “And everything was gone,” Helga Maliskowski says.

Canadian media reported extensively on the guests of Ulm and Neuro-Ulm.

Picture: Horst Hoger

Fellow travelers still have major travel dates that are ready almost 50 years later. “People who were back there still talk about it today,” Helga Malisevsky says. A year ago, she and her husband accompanied the Stuttgart society Zigunarinsel on their tour of Canada. “At the flight home, I saw how it worked in my husband,” recalls Ulm city councilor. Joe Malisiewski made contacts and flew to North America twice. The costs for this were borne by the airline Air Canada, where the people of Ulm and Neuro-Ulm eventually hired the machine for their carnival trip. If you want to fly, you have to pay 1,100 points. That was a lot of money, but everything was included: flight, accommodation, food. 120 active people and 30 accompanying people came. In the western part of Ulm a Franciscan priest from Clostral blessed the Kochs
, Then we went to Stuttgart Airport.

Radio and TV report about the Great Carnival Society Ulm / Neuro-Ulm

GKGU made six performances, as summarized by the Carnival Society. The organization was always carried out by a host club. For example, in the industrial city of Hamilton, Ulmer and Neuro-Ulmer performed in front of 3,200 guests. “When I moved to GKGU, the mood was so hot that Munich
Fade “, said Horst Höger. The city celebrated its 125th anniversary, with guests of honor at Oktrobfest, popular in Canada at the time, coming from the Danube.

The girls of the Ulm Guard pass through the industrial city of Hamilton.

Picture: Horst Hogar

Toronto and Scarborough had other appearances, still a separate city at the time and now incorporated into Toronto. Radio and television reported almost every day with a performance by the Great Carnival Society Neuro-ulmar zitung. In Canada, recalls Helga Malisiewski, there were many people of German descent and many carnival enthusiasts. The marching band in the uniform of the city’s soldiers was particularly received: “They were big stars there.” Canadians were overwhelmed with applause and enthusiasm, as the North American newspaper retrospectively reported.

“All day fun and rest” promised the first Scarborough Oktoberfest. “We Carnivalists, known as fools, who have come across the great ocean to please people and make people forget their everyday worries,” said Joe Młeवewski. And: “That’s why we call you from the Ocean, the Danube, Iler and the Blau for a mighty joy.” The program included a waltz for the beer band with “Kiss Mere Kate”, Weisse Rossel, real German singing music and much more.

Joe Melshevsky, then president of the Ulm Carnival, was invited to the event in Scarborough.

Picture: Horst Hoger

Canada Tour: Performances and excursions were part of the program

The trip included not only appearances, but also walks. For example, for an Indian reservation on an island in the Gulf of Georgia and Niagara Falls. Carnival president Joe Melskiewski floats down in a barrel – “to everyone’s delight”. On the way, tin plates, table flags, whole barrel beers and other souvenirs were exchanged. A separate carnival order was also prepared: with the Minster, the city arms of Ulm and Neuro-Ulm and Toronto City Hall at that. The city of Ulm also sent a representative to Canada with him: Gerhard Allgover, the head of the office.

Gro Thee Karnevalsgesellsellschaft Ulm / Neu-Ulm still exists, but is nowhere near as large as it was back then: the Danube belongs to the Witch Fuels Guild Association.

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