Update Lock now appears on PC

Update Lock now appears on PC

From Klaus Ludwig
Microsoft is now distributing updates to Windows 11. However, some users on Windows 10 now see a window with the message that their PC is not compatible with Windows 11.

Microsoft has started distributing Windows 11 as a free update through Windows Update. However, this will only be done on PCs that have officially installed compatible hardware and is expected to be completed in mid-2022. All other Windows 10 users will now see an error message stating that Your PC is not compatible with Windows 11 Is. The link for PC Integrity Check is displayed in the notification window. This PC Health Check app shows why the new operating system cannot be used with the computer. Possible causes are an inactive TPM 2.0 or a CPU that is not officially supported.

That’s why Windows 11 update works even though it’s locked

Microsoft has already announced that you can install Windows 11 even if the PC does not meet all the conditions. For this purpose, users can either use an ISO file or update Windows 11 for free using Microsoft Media Creation Tool. click here for Free Download of Media Creation Tool for Windows 11 Update. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Microsoft website and download an ISO file there.

In addition to hardware requirements, certain drivers or software may also mean that Windows 11 is not yet offered through Windows Update. Microsoft currently lists only a few known issues that prevent what Windows 11 has to offer users. However, this should be a thing of the past with future patches.

New in Windows 11: Everything important in a nutshell in a video

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Archive for Update Lock in Windows:

  • Microsoft has released Windows 11 and will distribute it to supported PCs via Windows Update by mid-2022.
  • However, all users with PCs with non-officially supported hardware will see an error message immediately and may display the reason for the incompatibility in PC Health Check, aka PC Integrity Check.
  • Microsoft has already announced that you can install Windows 11 even if the PC does not meet all the conditions.

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