US authorities allow keeping unicorns as pets

US authorities allow keeping unicorns as pets

A girl in America has sought permission to keep a unicorn. Officials comply – but impose conditions.

A girl in America wrote an unusual letter to the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control: “I would like to request permission to have a unicorn in my backyard if I can find one.” The handwritten letter, signed by Madeline’s name, was posted on Instagram by Animal Care and Control. The authority actually issues licenses to keep dogs or keep animals for adoption.

In his reply, the head of the supervisory authority writes: “It is always nice to hear from young people who are concerned about the needs of a beloved animal’s home.” Even if a unicorn is hard to find, get it a pre-approved unicorn license.

However, the letter sets certain conditions: the unicorn must get enough sunlight, moonlight, and rainbows. You should also feed him “his favorite treat” watermelon at least once a week and polish his horns every month. The glitter you choose to use for the unicorn should be biodegradable.

The officers are also giving Madeline a plush unicorn – “for the time being”.

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