US election: Donald Trump lost the election – an entire nation breathed a sigh of relief

US election: Donald Trump lost the election - an entire nation breathed a sigh of relief

Following the victory of Joe Biden, the Canadian government is looking forward to better cooperation with the United States in Ottawa.

  • 2020 US Election: Defeat against Donald Trump Joe Biden.
  • In Canada, A neighboring country of the United States, triggers results American election Relief from.
  • Justin trudo, Prime Minister of Canada, who hopes to do a better job with Biden.

Win of Joe Biden Is in Canada Received with heavy relief. After a rough four-year relationship between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US-President Donald Trump The hope is now for a more predictable, friendly relationship between the two heads of government. But Biden’s government program will also create challenges for Ottawa.

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have a good friendship

Joe Biden And Justin trudo Get to know each other well and maintain friendship. That the democrats die America He wants to lead again in Paris climate deal Donald Trump Emphasis on relationships within Again Strengthen, end the course of confrontation with World Health and the World Trade Organization and generally seek to rely more on international cooperation again, meeting the fundamental orientation of Canadian politics. Canada, Which has mediated and promoted international cooperation in the past, sees an opportunity to play an active role in forming new alliances and reviving past ones.

Canada has been watching the development of the Kovid-19 pandemic and the behavior of the Trump administration with the greatest concern. Border since march Canada And this America Closed for “non-essential” traffic.

United States and Canada: Relations under Donald are marked by threats and sanctions

Canada has been urging for the past few months America Resists the reopening of the boundary and thus indicates normality. Now Ottawa is relieved that Biden is fighting Coronavirus Will be a priority and science should dominate the political maneuver.

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Canadian-American Relations in Four Trump year Was often marked by threats and restrictions Canada. But there will also be disagreements and friction of marks Presidency Joe Biden getting ahead. Trudeau Supports controversial construction of a pipeline to transport tar sands oil from Canada’s Alberta province America Lana, and Trump was on her side, while Biden rejects the pipeline. Canada may be forced to do more to protect the climate because the country is far from its climate goals under the Paris Agreement. Any climate protection measure in Canada can meet resistance from energy-producing provinces. It was not surprising that many in the Alberta oil province expected Trump’s victory.

Joe Biden also follows the “Buy America” ​​policy

Subject to america Donald Trump Has become more protectionist, and is not going to change completely. Too Joe Biden Follows a “Buy America” ​​policy. “Wouldn’t go back to ex-Trump’s world”, analyzes Campbell Clarke in the liberal-conservative “Globe and Mail”. Trump has left the US leadership in world politics. It cannot be expected that the United States will try again for them under Biden. In the 1980s, Canadian Ambassador to the USA Derek Burney came to the conclusion: “We can no longer trust a special relationship with the USA.”

Canada likes to distance itself AmericaTo demonstrate independence, but the people of the two countries are closely connected. Robert Thompson, chairman of a small conservative Canadian party of the 1960s, has a quote: “Americans are our best friends, whether we like them or not.” According to surveys, that changed during Donald Trump’s term: expired. 201 percent, 4 percent of Canadians still had a positive attitude toward the United States, compared to only 29 percent. Chances are good that this will change again in the coming years.

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