US President Biden sure – China’s hand behind the cyber attack on Microsoft

US President Biden sure - China's hand behind the cyber attack on Microsoft

A Blast in US-Chinese Relations!

According to the government of US President Joe Biden (78), China is behind the massive hacker attack on Microsoft servers in January this year.

A government spokesman said on Monday that China’s “irresponsible behavior in cyberspace” was contrary to its “declared goal of being perceived as a responsible leadership force”.

An “unprecedented” coalition of allies, including the European Union, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and NATO, will join the US to “expose the malicious cyber activities of the Chinese Ministry of State Security”.

China’s leadership is acting more aggressively towards West and regional adversariesPhoto: Ng Han Guan/AP

In March, Microsoft announced that four previously publicly known security holes were not being exploited by alleged Chinese hackers. So there were more than 250,000 attacks around the world that were attacked by a hacker group that Microsoft calls “Hafnium”.

According to multiple media reports, the attackers specifically wanted to use the vulnerabilities to tap information in the United States. The group was a “very skilled and highly developed player”, warned the IT group.

The hacker attack from China has also created panic in Germany.

▶ ︎ BSI boss Arne Schönbohm (51) told “Zeet Online”: “The situation is dire. In Germany we have thousands of open systems that are not secure and are still open to attackers.” According to a BSI spokesperson at the time, “BSI has “indications that individual federal authorities are also affected”. It did not say which officials were involved.

In addition, BSI explained the hack that actors in “critical infrastructure” such as water, gas and electricity suppliers could also be affected. The attackers apparently targeted targets whose failure could have caused considerable social damage.

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