USA clearly beat Canada +++ Sweden loses again

USA clearly beat Canada +++ Sweden loses again

Goal scorers Jason Robertson (L) and Trevor Moore (second from right) celebrate against the disappointing Canadians.Image: Keystone

The surprises at the Ice Hockey World Championship will continue on WhatsApp as well. Finland lost to Kazakhstan in the penalty shootout, while Sweden suffered its second defeat against Belarus. The USA clearly beat Canada and Norway and Slovakia were also successful.

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Group A

Sweden 0-1 Belarus

It is looking very bad for the Swiss national team’s third rival Sweden in Riga on Tuesday. Sweden faces historic bankruptcy after the first weekend. Against Denmark (3:4), they also lost against Belarus (0:1) for the first time in a World Cup. For the first time in five years (and the quarter-final against Canada in Moscow), the Trey Kronor team did not score a single goal in a World Cup match.

It was the second hockey miracle for the Belarus team against Sweden. At the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, the Belarusians defeated Sweden with all their NHL stars in the quarter-finals of the Olympic tournament.

The second major victory against Sweden was not as sensational as it was 19 years ago. Despite five NHL players and eight players earning their money in the Russian KHL, National League mercenaries Karl Klingberg (Zug), Henrik Tomarnes (Servat) and Magnus Nygren (Davos) continue to play major roles in Sweden. Klingberg (2) and Tomarnes (1) have scored the only Swedish goals so far.

“Those are expensive lessons,” Klingberg said after a utterly unsuccessful Pentecost weekend. “We were mostly in possession of the goal in both games, but still never really got going.” National coach Johan Garpenlov said that “we lose most doubles”. He also attributes this false start to the fact that many Swedes are participating in the World Cup for the first time, “and so we didn’t leave the starting blocks exactly as we wanted.”

German Nestro scored the only goal of the game for Belarus in the 41st minute. Goalkeeper Danny Taylor, on the other hand, became the match winner. Taylor started the tournament as number 2 behind Konstantin Shostak, but was substituted after eleven minutes in the opening game against Slovakia (2:5) and saved 57 of 58 shots on his goal during his first 109 minutes. .

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Sweden – Belarus 0:1 (0:0, 0:0, 0:1)
Riga, Olympic Sports Center. SR Heikkinen / Wickmann (FIN), Nikulainen / Sunde (FIN / LAT).
Tor: 41. (40:33) Nestro (Stefanovitsch, Lopatschuk) 0:1.
Punishment: 2 times 2 minutes against Sweden, 4 times 2 minutes against Belarus.
Comments: Sweden with Redborn, Belarus with Taylor on goal. Sweden 57:32 without a goalkeeper.

Belarusians celebrate after the only goal of the game against Sweden.

Belarusians celebrate after the only goal of the game against Sweden.imago / buildbyrun

Great Britain 1-2 Slovakia

Slovaks could celebrate victory in their second game after an early win against Belarus. However, it was closer than expected. Slovakia beat the British by just one goal. Great Britain lost 7-1 to favorites Russia on Saturday and could not score any points in the second game either.

Marek Hrivik gave his country the lead after just 25 seconds. Nevertheless, Great Britain remained in the game and equalized in the second period, but conceded a second goal two and a half minutes later. British goalkeeper Ben Bones saved 41 of the Slovak’s 43 shots.

Great Britain – Slovakia 1:2 (0:1, 1:1, 0:0)
Riga, Olympic Sports Center. – SR Frano / Gouin (CZE / CAN), Constantineau / Oliver (FRA / USA).
ripped out: 1. (0:25) Hrivik (Lantosi) 0:1. 23. Kirk (Perlini, Richardson) 1:1. 25. Lantosi (Sehlerik) 1:2.
Punishment: Your 2-time 2 minutes.
Comments: Great Britain with goals, Slovakia with Konrad (21. from Hudsek). Great Britain from 58:32 without a goalkeeper.
Timeout Great Britain (58:58). (sda)

The Slovak can already celebrate the second victory of the tournament.

The Slovak can already celebrate the second victory of the tournament.Image: Keystone

Group B

Canada – USA 1:5

The two NHL nations Canada and the USA suffered defeats in the first game of the World Cup. So it was important for both of them to be able to celebrate the win so as not to come under pressure after two games. The neighboring countries, both of which are to do without their biggest stars, were not at eye level in the game.

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Although he fired the same number of shots, American hockey players were much more efficient and were able to play a clear lead after only 40 minutes. Trevor Moore scored twice, while Jason Robertson (1 goal, 1 assist), Adam Clending (1 goal, 1 assist) and Conor Garland (2 assists) also scored twice.

Canada scored a consolation goal in the last third, but Maxim Komtois’ goal did not change the final result either. This is the second defeat in the second game for the large ice hockey nation. The United States, on the other hand, were able to show a 1:2 response against the defending world champions Finland.

The Americans easily won against neighboring Canada.

The Americans easily won against neighboring Canada.Image: Keystone

Canada – USA 1:5 (0:1, 0:3, 0:0)
Riga, Arena. SR Shredder / Sternat (GER / AUT), Observator / Seewald (SUI / AUT).
ripped out: 8. Robertson (Mala) 0:1. 22. Clending (Helixon) 0:2. 24. Moore (Robertson) 0:3. 39. Moore (garland) 0:4. 52. Comtois (Budin) 1:4. 58. Tennyson (Clending, Labanc) 1:5. Punishment: 3 times 2 minutes against Canada, 2 times 2 minutes against USA.

Kazakhstan – Finland 2:1 NP

Kazakhstan also won the second game of the World Cup. The Kazakhs won again in a penalty shootout and defeated the Finns followed by Latvia. Finland took the lead in the second round through Anton Lundell, but after only two and a half minutes they equalized in the Kazakh power play.

It was a bit disappointing for Finland after beating USA on Saturday. The defending world champions are fourth in Group B after two matches and will now face the Norwegians.

Kazakhstan – Finland 2:1 (0:0, 1:1, 0:0, 0:0) nP
Riga, Arena. SR Romasko/Sidorenko (RUS/BLR), Lasarev/Shalagin (RUS).
ripped out: 34. Lundell (Lindbohm, Ruhoma) 0: 1. 36. Panjuko (Michaelis / Exclusion Contiola) 1: 1.
penalty shootout: Shin fails, Turunen fails; Walk 1:0, Kasky 1:1; Michaels 2: 1, Rutslainen failed; Startshenko 3-1, Kajlein fails.
Punishment: Your 2-time 2 minutes.
Comments: Kazakhstan with Boyarkin, Finland with Sateri in target.

Norway – Italy 4-1

Norway and Italy both made their World Cup debuts against Germany and both suffered heavy defeats. The Scandinavians were able to rehabilitate themselves after 1:5, but with a win, while the Italians were again without a point after 4:9.

The match winner for Norway was Mathias Tretens, who played this season at La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Swiss league. He scored three of his country’s four goals. The Italians made life difficult for themselves with several penalties, the second and third goals coming in a power play from Norway. Italy scored only a consolation goal in the final section, thanks to Daniel Frank.

Norway – Italy 4:1 (1:0, 2:0, 1:1)
Riga, Arena. – SR Björk / Frandsen (SWE / DEN), Lundgren / Yeletinen (SWE).
ripped out: 11. Tretens (Olsen, Lesund) 1: 0. 26. Rosalie Olsen (Olimb, Espeland / Exclusion Giulietti) 2: 0. 37. Tretanus (Olden, Lindstrom / Ochklass Giuliati) 3: 0. 41. (40:59) Tretens (Lesund, Lindstrom) 4:0. 52. Frank (Andergason, Marchetti) 4:1.
Punishment: 1 time 2 minutes against Norway, 4 times 2 plus 10 minutes against Italy (Gilliati).
Comments: Norway with Hawkeland, Italy with Fazio at the gate.

Norway has defeated Italy's goalkeeper Justin Fazio four times.

Norway has defeated Italy’s goalkeeper Justin Fazio four times.Image: Keystone


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