USA: Named CIA chief William Burns wants to “trump” China

USA: Named CIA chief William Burns wants to "trump" China

From the point of view of the designated head of the US Foreign Intelligence Service CIA, William Burns, represents China America Prior to their “biggest geopolitical test”. During a hearing in the US Senate, Burns said, “China will be important to our national security in the coming decades.”

Former US diplomat was under former US President Barack Obama Deputy Secretary of State of the United States.

While working with China on climate change and limiting the spread of nuclear weapons is in the interests of the United States, there are more and more areas in which China is president. Xi Jinping Burns said he was a “formidable authoritarian opponent.” China is systematically strengthening its ability to steal intellectual property, suppress its people, intimidate its neighbors, increase global influence, and gain influence in American society.

But China is by no means the only challenge facing the US, Burns clarified and gave terrorism an aggressive name Russia, A “provocative North Korea” and a hostile Iran. Furthermore, threats did not come only from individual countries; There are “problems without passports” such as climate change, health risks or technological revolution.

Burns said the massive hacking attack on government institutions and companies was “a cruel awakening for all of us”. “The CIA will need to continually hone its skills to understand how rivals use cyber and other technological tools, anticipate, detect and prevent their use, and give them a head start on developing them themselves We do.”

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