Vaccination question for candidate comes undone

Vaccination question for candidate comes undone

Monkey Testicles in Thighs, Soccer Balls on the Christmas Tree and a Cheerful Presenter: Do You Know Who Gunther Jauch’s Great-Grandfathers Were?

Monday night is the night of speculation. This time Christian Alt is taking the seat in the test. The 33-year-old from Munich is a podcast producer with his own company, which also has a podcast about the “big mistakes of mankind.” Or as the host jokes: “Men are always big idiots”.

A candidate interested in “big historical mistakes made by men” says he once outlined a case in a podcast about a doctor who “inserted men’s thighs with monkey testicles” . The moderator comes again: “In the thighs. Not in the middle?”. But Christian Alt is utterly convincing and reveals further curiosities to an apparently irritable twitch: for example, he doesn’t know how many listeners he actually has with this particular podcast—something that almost seems unbelievable. Is. Because knowing how many listeners are listening to your own audio product is critical to its success.

Jauch talks about his great-grandfather

Mr Alt, who literally has a shoe size of 51, reports, among other things, that people asked him if they could take pictures of his feet when he was 15. Especially next to the feet of tourists from Asia, they will just look huge. In this context, the Munich resident also reports that he is originally from Trier, the birthplace of Karl Marx. The moderator then immediately has an anecdote drawn from his family tree. So he asks the candidate if he knows who signed Karl Marx’s birth certificate in 1813? Lo and behold, it was one of Günther Jauch’s great-great-grandfathers who was the second mayor of Trier “at the time of the birth of Charlie Marx”.

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