Vader Bremen: How much money is Vader taking with bonds!

Vader Bremen: How much money is Vader taking with bonds!

Bremen – would have been possible up to 30 million euros, it should have been 20 – and it eventually increased to 17. After the membership period of the SV Werder Bremen SME bond ended at 12 noon on Monday, the club announced the final amount in the afternoon – and was satisfied with the result.

Klaus filbry, Chairman of the board, speaks in a communication from SV Warder Bremen “The great confidence that investors have shown in our presented concept”. He also assured: “We will do everything in our power to continuously take the direction presented.” Investors can make a good five-year plan with an interest rate of 6.5 percent.

Vader Bremen Would like to have The money “Use it to strengthen the financial position and, moreover, focus even more strongly on the topics of digitization, scouting and training, as well as sustainability”, as the communication states.

Claus Fibri from Vader Bremen on Bond: “An Important Step Ahead”

It is no surprise that Target missed the 20 million mark. The decline is likely to slow some investors’ willingness to invest significantly. Klaus filbry Notes: “We had it for us Bond The state of extremely difficult infrastructure over the last few weeks and we are happy that with the successful conclusion we can present another building block for our future. We are on our way to reverse the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. We are at the beginning, But it is an important step. ”

Bond Apart from the 20 million euro loan secured by the state guarantee, one of these is Two financial pillars with Vader Bremen Wants to get out of trouble. (God)

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