Vader doesn’t go on a big winter trip

Vader doesn't go on a big winter trip

The suitcases were not yet packed, but SV Werder Bremen had long been thinking about a long journey. In winter, when Bundesliga sporting operations take longer due to the World Cup in Qatar, there will be time. But instead of opening up new markets in Southeast Asia or North America, green and white are probably staying at home.

“We looked at different options, including Vietnam,” said sporting director Frank Baumann. “But I’m assuming more that we’ll be here and play a few games in Germany before the players go on vacation.” Notably, with the Bundesliga stalling from 13 November to 20 January, a report for the Tour will “build up” according to the first one-and-a-half weeks after the start of the break.

But so far it doesn’t look like the general conditions are right for long-distance travel. “The overall package has to fit, that’s not the case at the moment,” Baumann says. “Since the game is still going on there, it is difficult to find suitable opponents and gain a TV presence.” The situation is similar in North America, where Canada was discussed. A final decision is still pending, but according to Baumann, it should be made by early September.

Such long-distance travel, also inspired by the German Football League (DFL), is primarily about economic interests. In the video format “Butter Be Die Fission”, Werder’s managing director Klaus Filbri recently talked about the target markets of Vietnam and Canada: “Both are markets that are important for the German Football League to internationalize.” Nearly 100 million residents have “an incredible economic potential”. Vedder wants to increase its profile overseas through its commitment. In the best case scenario, it brings in new sponsors. The DFL also doesn’t pay traveling clubs incomparable sums – after all, the Bundesliga should be marketed even better in the future. Vietnam and Canada are countries that are yet to be targeted as much as the US or China. “We didn’t want to go into areas that are already full of big clubs in the top league,” Filbury told our Deutschestube back in 2020.

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The topic has been around for a long time. Vedder had traveled extensively in recent years. In 2014 we went to China, and in early 2019 a winter training camp was held in South Africa. Vedder has been socially involved in Vietnam for many years and has “already started some activities” through his CRS department, says Filbury. “In this regard, Vietnam is certainly an exciting country – both for us and the league.” So the subject will remain in focus. And if not in winter, the suitcase could be packed a second time.

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