Veronica Fares: Her pill addiction got us in trouble

Veronica Fares: Her pill addiction got us in trouble

honest words.

Movie star Veronica Fares (56) opens up about difficult times with her husband Carsten Mashmeyer (62) Experienced. The entrepreneur got addicted to sleeping pills a few years back due to work stress.

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Love Crisis!

“At the time I said: We are no longer together as husband and wife, but I will take you there like a sister,” Fares now tells Johannes B. Kerner’s talk show “Best Filling” (57, from April 21 on Magenta TV). “We’ll see if we still have a chance after that.”

Fares and Mashmeyer got together in 2009. In 2010 he went to therapy for his addiction. Ferres: “I was solely responsible for his life, which was highly endangered. It could easily have fallen apart.”

Veronica Fares did not want to comment on a BILD request.

Also talked about Ferres…

… your childhood: “I grew up with my two older brothers in a pile of coal and potatoes—they were in the corridor. They threw coal at each other in the corn field, I was allowed to stand guard and whistle when the enemy arrived. An adventurous life, close to nature, with wonderful moral and ethical values, given to us by our parents.”

…revolts among the youth: “I had such long hair and my mom said, ‘You can’t go to school with your hair down, we don’t want that. It’s not nice to be raised as a strict Catholic.’ As soon as I was in the corner, I untwisted my hair. And then the neighbor called my mom and said, ‘Do you know she’s doing her hair?’ You go crazy as a young, creative person, you have to get out somehow. I didn’t really give my mother a chance, I ran away when I was 17. It was tough for her. But I had There was no other chance to free myself from it.”

… life dreams: “See biographies about people who didn’t grow up with a golden spoon and didn’t get to live what they dreamed of right away. Many people have a very special way of living! I’ve always loved the power of dreams.” Dreams inspired me to move to a middle-class city, which I would have relatively never been able to accomplish without dreams.”

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