Video proof of return flight from Canada: No PCR test, no mask required

Video proof of return flight from Canada: No PCR test, no mask required

Olaf Scholz and Robert Habeck continue to defend the special rules for their flights without masks. A government spokesman told critics of the special regulation on government aircraft: “All participants on the trip must present a current negative PCR test prior to departure. This ensures a high level of safety.” According to official information, Scholz And Habeck was allowed to decide for himself whether or not to voluntarily put on a mask on the return flight from Canada to Berlin. Unlike the outbound flight, however, no current PCR tests were to be submitted. Spokesman Stefan Hebstreit acknowledged this when asked on Wednesday.

According to the minutes, at the federal press conference Stefan Hebstreit was asked: “Mr. Hebstreit, you or a spokesman for the federal government said there was a high level of security because everyone aboard the machine had to show a current negative PCR test. There were several flights. You not only flew from Berlin to Canada, but then Went back and forth and then back. That meant each person had to show multiple PCR tests. Correctly?”

Does each person have to undergo multiple PCR tests?

Stephen Hebstreit’s answer: “No, this is not correct. To start the journey, which began on Sunday, each participant of this journey had to submit a current PCR test that was not older than 24 hours.”

Then asked: “Why not before every flight? Isn’t it normal when the plane doesn’t already have any rules?,

Dispute to raise: “I think Mr. Collatz (Col. IG Arne Collatz, Head of the Press Department at the Federal Ministry of Defense, Editor’s Note) has just explained the rules that the Air Force has drawn up. The federal chancellor has also scheduled a PCR test before the start of this visit, so it has gone beyond the actual rules. We said so.,

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“Public travel is a completely different situation than a government airline”

Collatz previously stated that “we have determined within our own enforcement authority for cabin space that there are other options. Mouth-nose covers are recommended, and otherwise passengers must always have valid 3G status.” which should then be checked by the users of the cabin”.

And further: “It is also the case that there is certainly a difference between long-distance public transport, where you buy the ticket, perhaps even as a train passenger you have a 9-euro ticket and then you choose freely. You can choose which mode of transport you use and how circumstances. There’s no checking. It’s a completely different situation of course, you can certainly imagine that , compared to a government aircraft, and that is why the measures have been adjusted there.

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