VW Amarok and Phaeton Successor, Mini-ID.Buzz

VW Amarok and Phaeton Successor, Mini-ID.Buzz

Newsletter of 8 July 2022
VW shows Phaeton and Amarok successor

Big VW Day: The Wolfsburg-based company shows an ID. Buzz, Amarok and Phaeton successors to Ball Boy. But that never came. Meanwhile, there are no toll stations in France.

The VW Phaeton is intended to compete with BMW and Mercedes. He never did. Instead, he inflicted heavy damage on the group. According to calculations, 28,000 euros – per car sold, no wonder he remained without a successor. Development was finished and the design was approved. Now VW has revealed it. Because Phaeton D1 saw the light of day 20 years ago. what will the second generation look like see here,

VW Phaeton


And then VW introduced a second generation model: the Amarok Pick-Up. However, it’s not even a real series VW. Because the new model shares the platform with the Ford Ranger. After all, it is so different from the look that it looks like a real Volkswagen. And inside, the Amarok has a completely different dashboard compared to the Ford Ranger, and the door panels with handles and shelves are also clearly different. One distinctive VW feature, on the other hand, has probably gone to the delight of most customers: operation with sliders and touch control surfaces. Instead, easy-to-use controls and switches are used. About the dimensions, engine and technology of the new Ford, uh Torsten Seibut writes VW Amarok here,

France will no longer have a toll station. Anyone who now thinks they can use motorways in a neighboring country for free in the future has made a mistake: the French are actually digitizing highway robbery. Of course, it still has advantages for travelers: there are hassles and queue history when making payments. How it works and looks Holger Witich explains here.

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