Washing clothes on the banks of the lake: the crocodile swallowed the woman

Fatal drama in South Africa’s northeastern Limpopo province: A woman is believed to have been killed by a crocodile while washing clothes in a reservoir.

State television broadcaster SABC reported Sunday that residents of Tsitomboni village on the Nandoni dam were searching for the 25-year-old when she did not return home. Local official Philip Munyai told the broadcaster that the woman’s head was finally found in the bank. Let’s say the crocodile has already eaten the rest of the body.

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According to Munai, it is known that many crocodiles lived in water. Due to lack of water supply, villagers have to put their lives at risk. In many rural and poor areas of South Africa and other African countries, people have to hand-wash their clothes in rivers where crocodiles and hippopotamuses live. Fatal accidents happen frequently. (MHO/DPA)

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