Wedding: Bride made strict rules – Violent reactions

Wedding: Bride made strict rules - Violent reactions

Wedding: Bride gives guests strict rules – they didn’t expect their reaction

Weddings: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Weddings: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

You probably did not know these things about weddings.

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so with him wedding Still, nothing is wrong, a bride had set strict rules for the celebration.

For example, they had a certain dress code wedding – But not all the guests played together.

Wedding: The bride decides the dress code

Brides from British Columbia in Canada had some color ideas for their dress for their wedding, but also for the clothes of the guests.

But these rules were not liked by some guests at all, as they “TIC Toc“Shared.

“Our main colors at the wedding are pink, black and pastel. But above all, you must make yourself look beautiful in your clothes,” Canada wrote on a website created exclusively for the wedding. Also, some colorful examples of what he means.

But she did not expect the reaction of her mother-in-law and other guests.

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Mother-in-law asked if all was well with the bride

Her mother-in-law had asked the groom before the wedding what was going on with his (at that time) fiancée.


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“He asked my fiancé if I didn’t know that not everyone can buy a new outfit for a wedding,” says the young woman. Another guest said that if she was asked to put on her outfit she would not come.

The wedding finally took place in pastels

The bride wasn’t expecting a reaction, as she thought everyone could have a dress in their closet in their chosen color.

The wedding took place at last. And at least judging by the photos, most of the guests have kept the specifications. It is not known whether all actually came or not. (fb)

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