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WhatsApp has resumed operations for exporting chat in Germany. Meanwhile, the feature was not available to users in Germany, with the restriction being applied due to patent law difficulties. WhatsApp has not yet communicated the reactivation of the function.

WhatsApp recently re-enabled the option to export chat for German users. This work was banned for users in Germany, as we did Message at that time Had reported. The reason for this was patent law problems that Facebook wanted to avoid temporarily restricting the functionality of its messenger service WhatsApp for users in Germany.

In this context, Facebook announced that it was working on being able to restore the full functionality of its offers to all users in the future.

Export of interaction with groups and individuals is possible

To export a chat with an individual or group conversation, users have to go to the conversation information and select the export option there. Conversations can then be exported with or without related media and sent by email to themselves or other users.

There is still no seamless transition from iOS to Android or your own WhatsApp chat history, but more or less well-functioning temporary solutions.

How WhatsApp ultimately solved the patent problem is not known if related support documents have not yet been updated.

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