WhatsApp: How to use a voice message as a ringtone

Send and listen voice messages with WhatsApp: With…

Received a cool WhatsApp voice message and want to use it as a ringtone? We’ll show you how it’s possible on iPhone and Android phones.

you have a contact WhatsApp Broadcast by voice message and you would like to use it as ringtone? This is possible on both Android phones and iPhones, but sometimes requires some effort. We guide you through the process.

Use WhatsApp voice message as ringtone on Android phone

On an Android phone, this is easy to do. Because you can directly access the smartphone’s memory here. there like you find whatsapp voice messageWe explain that to you in the linked tutorial.

In another guide we’ll show you an example of how to make your own. set music as ringtone on android phone can do.

Information: WhatsApp saves voice messages in the “Opus” file format, so you may need to convert the file to MP3 format before you can use it as a ringtone on your cell phone. Suitable audio converter Can be found in our download archive.

In another tutorial we’ll show you how convert voice messages to text can do.

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