where is the shortage? What sports to do for greater stability

With a year dream in canada

TookLet’s plant trees! For example, in Berchtesgaden. Professional snowboarders dug pits there and planted new plants. Now there are 100 more trees, beech and larch. Snowboard Germany’s president, Michael Holz, said it takes social responsibility seriously. But not much is done over the first green coat. Because the jet-set lifestyle of snowboarders is not good for the environment. They are not alone in this. And he is not even the first person to plant trees. Two female sailors started Rowing Forest to counteract their large CO₂ footprint due to multiple voyages. There is also a Hockey Forest, an idea of ​​German hockey women: in the South African Grotbos Reserve. Anything is better than nothing. Others don’t care about the issue at all.

But the question is, why is the game system still like this? It relies heavily on international travel and high resource consumption. Snowboarders fly from Switzerland to the United States for their World Cup, then head to Canada. Flight to the game – completely normal. Because less travel will also mean: fewer organizers, fewer sponsors, and ultimately less money. But that’s exactly what “less is more”, downsizing, will be needed for that game to become more sustainable.

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