Who planned the Capitol tower?: Committee summons Trump’s aide Stone

Who planned the Capitol tower?: Committee summons Trump's aide Stone

Who designed the Capital Tower?
Committee summons Trump aide Stone

Who Planned the Storm of Trump Supporters on the US Capitol in January? The Washington Committee wants to find out. For this, other colleagues of the former President are invited. Among them is the once forgiven Roger Stone.

The committee to investigate the storm that struck the US Capitol in January has summoned Roger Stone, a longtime colleague of then-President Donald Trump. In addition, ultra-conservative radio presenter Alex Jones is said to be available to answer questions from lawmakers, as asked by the House committee.

Committee chairman Benny said that through the hearing, the committee wanted to find out who “organised, planned and paid for” the attack on the congressional seat and between the organizers of the attack and White House staff and members of Congress. What was the conversation? Thompson.

Jones, Stone and three other subpoenas are also expected to produce a number of documents. Right-wing conspiracy theorist Jones is said to have helped fund the Trump supporters’ event in front of the White House on January 6, according to the committee. It is said that Stone was also in Washington for the event.

the stone has already been forgiven

In 2020, Stone was sentenced to more than three years in prison for, among other things, perjury and obstruction of the judiciary in connection with the Russia investigation of Special Investigator Robert Mueller. Trump pardoned him shortly before his term in office ended.

The committee has already summoned several former Trump advisers and staff, including his former campaign manager William Stepian and former spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. The committee has also summoned former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon. However, the latter refused to cooperate and will now face charges of disregard for Congress.

Republican Trump supporters stormed the US Congress on January 6. Five people, including a policeman, died. Trump faced impeachment proceedings for the attack because he previously incited his supporters in a speech. However, he was acquitted in the end. The attack on the Capitol, the heart of American democracy, with many lawmakers and senators fearing for their lives, shook the nation.

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