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“who wants to be a Millionaire?” on hate alarm ,

The hotel manager provided information about his guests

Not only this, Günther Jauch (66) put wrinkles on his nose…

On Monday evenings, hotel manager Julia Mazzotta sat in the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” council chair and happily went about her daily chores. The guests of the candidate for the Regelsberg of the Saarland did not do particularly well. Because many people have a habit that makes Mazzotta smell bad.

Before she could even consider the 4000 euro question, Jauch took the matter further. Curious, he wanted to know: “Hotel guests – do you have some stories for us?” His guest declared: “Bad guys. But I don’t think you want to hear them.”

The quizmaster was in everyone’s ears, but expected harmless things. “They always steal something.” Not the biggest problem for their candidate. “Most of them can’t flush the toilet,” she said. The moderator was shocked. “Like? What? Who doesn’t make it?” According to Mazzotta, a whopping 80 percent. The woman from Saarland added: “They don’t even use a toilet brush. It’s terrible.” In the end, he has to take care of the legacy.

Jauch preferred to skip further stories, so he himself gave a story when he arrived at the hotel. He does not like guest books. He told Mazotta, “You know what I always write in there? ‘What’s the red rag for the ox, the guest book is for me.’ It’s great.” He went to a hotel twice. An employee again brought a guest book for him. Jauch rejoiced: “I withdrew. Then they ripped off the page. I wrote it back.”

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Earned at least 16,000 euros: Julia Mazotta

Earned at least 16,000 euros: Julia Mazotta

Photo: RTL/Stephen Gregorovius

The 32,000 euro question for his candidate was over. “Maltese Roberta Metsola becomes president in January, succeeding the late David Sassoli…?” A: EU Parliament (right), B: World Bank, C: United Nations or D: UEFA. Neither the 50/50 clown nor any acquaintance on the phone led the hotel manager. He chose UEFA but was wrong.

Because Mazzotta chose the safety version with three clowns, she was able to go home with 16,000 euros in the end. The money is to flow to a new part of their hotel.

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