“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: Jauch’s candidates gamble in a hurry. Entertainment

"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?": Jauch's candidates gamble in a hurry.  Entertainment

Unlucky alert on who wants to be a millionaire? ,

Jauch candidates gamble in haste

how unlucky people were “who wants to be a Millionaire?” never!

In the second gambler special held on Tuesday evening, many candidates had to go home with marginal benefits. For one, the guessing fun ended after five minutes.

Of course, the rules were especially tough. If possible, no joker should be drawn to the €16,000 question. Whoever did this lost everything else in one stroke. The amount was double. The jackpot was two million euros.

Julian Ulrich (48) miles away to Cologne. The emergency doctor on the hose was already there for 2,000 euros. Günther Jauch (66) wanted to know from them: “When the tenth year ends, do you usually celebrate…?” A: 9th birthday, B: 10th birthday, C: 11th birthday or D: 12th birthday.

Ulrich settled very early on c. His explanation: “The first year of life begins with the first birthday. When I turn a year old, it will be my second birthday.” So it may only be an eleventh birthday, Singles believed. However , Jauch’s reaction put him in doubt for some time.

Quiz Master: “Ah. Surely?” The opposite person thought aloud again, but could not distract from the first thought and logged on. The quiz master then had to tell him how wrong he was.

Jauch: “You are not one when you are born. I celebrate my first birthday when the first year of my life ends. The second time is when I am two.” Now the money has fallen for the candidate, too. Jauch resolved: “When my tenth year ends, it is my tenth birthday.”

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The Cologne native was shocked. He jumped straight out of his consulting chair, took a deep breath and realized: “I was completely stumped.” Rather than squander a mega-win on the show, Ulrich could only go home with 1,000 euros and get it from Günther Jauch. A few words of comfort along the way.

Quiz Master About his unlucky partner: “When people ask, just say: ‘I won something in four points.'” Three other candidates felt the same evening as the 47-year-old.

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