“who wants to be a Millionaire?” – Special – If you have a barebones question! Son gambles family profit – TV

"who wants to be a Millionaire?"  - Special - If you have a barebones question!  Son gambles family profit - TV

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Bad Surprise in the Summer Special!

For a tournament dance family, Gunther Jauch’s quiz show on Monday evening was a stumbling block. Because Junior guessed the wrong answer, all three ended up with almost empty hands.

The motto of the additional edition was “Together we can get a million”. Candidate Thomas Cocott (79), his wife Connie (74) and their son Mark Hotting (49) also expected it. The trio of Sankt Augustin and Leverkusen can already achieve great success on the dance floor.

After several years as tournament dancers, the couple began judging and once judged the performance of “Let’s Dance” judge Joachim Long (56). Scion Mark also made the world champion in the sport.

Günther Jauch is impressed: “Then I’ll be curious to see what title I have today.”

And in fact, things went really well for their guessing foxes in the long run. Connie and Thomas, who dared to take the consulting chair one after the other, made inquiries of up to 8,000 euros. Günther Jauch told the senior: “If you make it to 16,000, will you do some auditions for us with your wife?” The couple spontaneously agreed.

But the happy group was reduced. Son Mark moved into the crucial barrier of 16,000 euros. Jauch asked the HR manager of a pharmaceutical company to know: “If Annalena Berbock calls her husband by his last name, you might hear: …?”

His candidate didn’t take long to guess the bush and admitted: “I have little idea. I want to take 50/50 joker. “Then” Fairschnell! ” and “Holeflash!

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But Hotting was as smart as ever. However, after a short time of reflection, his gamer gene woke up and said “Driving fast!” decided to. So disaster took its course.

From the background, the mother cried out: “And bye!” Because she knew: the answer is wrong. Jauch eventually had to tell his counterpart: “Your parents are right.” The prize money fell to 500 euros. Candidate – Shocked. All he had to do was: “I’m sorry.”

Connie and Thomas in “Where Were Millionaires?” Despite winning the mini-in, a good mood spread.Photo: TVNOW / Stefan Gregoroviusow

Yet the blessings of the house were not crooked. In the end, Connie and Thomas lay a cheeky sword on the floor, much to the delight of Gunther Jauch. The moderator joked enthusiastically after the waltz: “So you can easily dance back 16,000.”

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