Who Wants to be a Millionaire: The Candidate Fails at the Question of 1000 Euros

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: The Candidate Fails at the Question of 1000 Euros

Cologne –

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” On RTL show. Along with Gunther Jauch (64), the candidates fight for a chance to take home one million euros. Christoph Reuters (49), a candidate from Ham in North Rhine-Westphalia, did not really run from the start. He tripped over the first questions …

  • “who wants to be a Millionaire?” RTL on Monday evening (31 May). On
  • Candidate Christophe Reuters doesn’t really come into the game
  • After being stumbled several times, he was removed from the question of 1000 Euros

The correctional officer and the father of two children reached the candidate’s chair first. But after a few minutes he had to leave his seat again.

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”: The candidate isn’t really leaving

Even with the question of 300 euros, great uncertainty spread among the 49-year-old. When asked “What can you do?” (A: back and shoulders, B: pelvis and buttocks, C: ears and lips, D: neck and elbows), Reuters did not know what to do next. “It’s starting off well,” the candidate said, grunting to Gunther Jauch.

Jauch just replied: “You think too complicated!”

Lots of money with Christophe Reuters: “Sorry, absolutely. Yes, answer A is correct. You can walk shoulder to shoulder.” Correct: The 300-euro question is finally over. But with the 500-euro question Also, Christoph Reuters was in line.

Regarding the question “Many students are involved …? (A: GmbH, B: OHG, C: GBR, D: AG) Reuters had no direct answer. They didn’t know what the abbreviation actually meant. Meaning, attempted to answer C. (Editor’s note: Society under civil law).

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Reuters: “Well, only North C can be left. But Jauch intervenes to see if he was really sure.

The candidate talked about his school days until it clicked: “Oh. If I made 500 Euros, it would be better. I was also in a music group and a handicrafts group once. So answer d. “Okay. 500 Euros were safe.

“Who will be a millionaire?”: It was over in 1000 euros

Unfortunately, the 49-year-old candidate from Ham was not right that everything would be better for him after the 500 Euro question.

With the 1000 euro question, he did not know what to do next. Question: “According to Dudeen, what could this one person even be?” (A: Smoke Alarm, B: Fire Extinguisher, C: Sprinkler System, D: Lightning Rod).

Christoph Reuters decided for North B fairly early. But Gunther Jauch clearly explained to the troubled candidate that answer D is correct. According to Dudeen, people are referred to as conductors of electricity, upon which the person can vent his anger.

Gunther Jauch: “It was a quick performance. But have you ever won 500 euros so quickly? If someone gets stupid after you leave, just say: I’m a lightning rod.” (People)

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