“Why do we give a platform to old voices?”

"Why do we give a platform to old voices?"
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quitting time

And this is from the first Media Thursday of the year. This means that on Thursday there will be a video synopsis again on the Formel1.de YouTube channel, where editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll and Kevin Scheuren will tell you the most important things about the day.

However, as an exception, there will be no edition today, as the surprise re-introduction of Media Day didn’t quite go well for us in terms of planning. There will be a regular edition tomorrow.

And the same applies to the ticker, which Reuben Zimmerman will pick up again tomorrow. Norman Fisher says goodbye and thanks for your interest. have a nice evening!

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for a little laugh in between

You know that feeling that scares you when a cyclist suddenly follows you, don’t you? ,

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Russell Hamilton impressed

The fact that he is Lewis Hamilton’s teammate this year and sees how Britain works has only increased George Russell’s admiration for the seven-time world champion.

“I think a lot of people think he will show up at the last minute, just jump in the car and let his talent do the talking. But that’s far from the case,” insists the Briton.

“I’ve been so lucky to see how he works and how he motivates the team and tries to get every millisecond out of the car. So I always sat back a little bit and watched. I really like it It’s great to see how he’s doing his job.”


Verstappen for second chance for VIP

Incidentally, Max Verstappen also advocated giving the jury another chance: “I know the jury a little better than many others. He’s a very nice guy. I think he understands what he did.” Done wrong,” he says of the Red Bull pilot.

“He is now at a very difficult juncture in his career because everyone is pointing fingers at him. Well, what he said was not true. But I think he deserves a second chance.”

“Sometimes things slip out of your head and you don’t realize at first how much damage it can cause to others.”

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Verstappen: Another duel with Ferrari?

Max Verstappen expects another duel against Ferrari before the race at Silverstone: “I think it’s been pretty close so far. Sometimes they were ahead in qualifying and in the race it sometimes turns, “They say. The question for him is, are the updates coming? He can only answer it for Red Bull. There are others.

“And we’ll also have to wait and see what the weather will do. It could shake things up a bit too,” says the Dutchman.

And Mercedes? “I find it very difficult to judge at the moment. Historically, they’ve always been very fast here, and they also bring new parts to the car,” he says. “But it is too early to say where they will be. It is more important for us to see ourselves anyway.”

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Haas and Fried Egg Flag

Haas wants to speak again to Formula 1 race management at Silverstone on how to deal with loose parts in the future. In Canada, Kevin Magnussen received a black/orange flag – much to the annoyance of team boss Gunther Steiner – because his front wing was damaged. Dane had to dig.

“We should have at least consulted instead of just showing the flag,” says Steiner. It won’t fall, but it won’t fall because the xylon is on it, and the xylon doesn’t break.”

Steiner says Haas would have changed the wing at the pit stop anyway – but at a more opportune time.

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Verstappen: Pickett not racist

Max Verstappen responded to the statements made by his father-in-law, Nelson Piquet, calling them “false”. However, the Brazilian is also “not racist”, according to the Red Bull driver.

“I’ve spent a little time with Nelson, I feel like a higher-than-average person in general, and he’s definitely not a racist,” Verstappen said. “He’s actually a very nice and laid-back person.”

“Of course people now call him a racist, which I don’t think he is, but I totally agree that those words shouldn’t be used.”

That won’t ban him from the paddock: “If you ban people, you don’t really help the situation, you don’t talk,” Verstappen said.

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Max Verstappen the best?

Don’t we need to completely rethink what “Goat” is about, the best ever, and inevitably end up with Max Verstappen?

Our Formula 1 expert Mark Surer talks to video host Kevin Sheuren about this topic. Although Lewis Hamilton is currently the better driver in terms of numbers, Verstappen’s strong nerves and coolness receive the greatest respect from experts and fans alike.

In this video we Formula1.D Youtube Channel Also reference Hamilton and Verstappen’s early years in Formula 1 and draw comparisons between record champions and those who may have been able to break their records.

“Max Verstappen can be compared to the army!”

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Don’t we now have to start the discussion about the best again and inevitably end with Max Verstappen?

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