Why is this game so popular?

Why is this game so popular?
The new mobile hit steals a lot from Minecraft. (Image Source: ABI Global Ltd.)

A game similar to Minecraft, currently in the top charts in the PlayStore. Despite the practically identical graphics and similar characters, the game for the smartphone is just a shameless clone.


Smartphone Hit Looks Like Minecraft

Minecraft is still one of the most successful games of all time. Many imitators have been found over time in the block phenomenon, some of whom bring their own ideas with them. mobile game Craft School: Monster Class It even makes it to the top 5 charts in PlayStore.

A look at the product page in the PlayStore already shows that Craft School: Monster Class has simply taken many elements from Minecraft. Thumbnails already show the classic Minecraft look and figures like Main Characters Steve, Zombies, Skeleton and Endermen were provided only with googly eyes. Fans of the Netflix hit Squid game should also be charmed by similar skins and cards. The “story” also revolves around a character named Herobrun. Perhaps a distant relative of the Minecraft legend Herobrine (source: Craft School: Monster Class,

We will show you how to beautify the real Minecraft:

Minecraft and Fall Guys . steal mobile clone from

Craft School: Monster Class has now been downloaded more than 5 million times from Playstore. Reviews. gives an average rating of At least 4.2 out of 5 stars, Although the graphics and many sound effects were taken directly from Minecraft, the mobile game plays in a completely different way. The focus is on the stealth section as well as the jump and run passage.

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Craft School: Monster Class is not the only clone currently in the top chart in playstore. Fall Guys Copy Stumble Guys There is also representation. Just like with the template, you also need . Must complete various colorful challenges in the style of Takeshi’s Fortress to shut down. The controls and maps are practically identical to those of Free Fall Friends now.

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