Will Sky be the premier again?

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There are growing signs that parent company Comcast is looking to get rid of Sky Germany. According to media reports, the sale may be completed before the end of the year. Will the premiere come back again?


The rumor that Comcast wants to sell the German Sky arm is so persistent that some have officially rejected the unofficial offers. Like ProSiebenSat.1, The situation is different for Sky Deutschland, the other German company with an interest in 1&1. So far there’s no denying it and the latest developments are now bringing 1&1 founder and United Internet board member Ralf Dommermuth on board as a shareholder of Sky Germany’s successor.

1&1 in pole position

Despite this unconfirmed information, one should be prepared for a new person in Unterfohring. Comcast makes little effort to relegate the rumors into the realm of legend and the information that is now becoming public at regular intervals is pretty solid. Insiders even believe that Sky could come under the hammer in 2022.

What’s next after Comcast?

The most interesting question when selling Sky Germany will be: how and in what form can the company be continued? Aside from the trio of Sky markets in Europe (the UK and Ireland, Italy and German-speaking regions), the question of the name must first be clarified. The easiest option is to stick with the Sky brand, which will automatically bring Comcast into the scene. A potential buyer would of course have to pay a license fee for continued use. Remember the name dispute over the satellite that offered Premier Sky before it was acquired by Murdoch (digital television) informed of,

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Will Sky premiere again?

If Sky doesn’t work out, would it at least be possible to revert to the Premier name? Here too the prospects are not good. At least the domain rights to “Premiere.de”, if not all rights to the name, have belonged to Sky since the acquisition in 2009 and are now owned by Comcast. Research in the Federal Companies Register also suggests this assumption in 2022.

Accordingly, a future partner like 1&1 will have to deal with the “Americans” here as well. an unlikely option. You already have your own offer called 1&1 TV. An integration – even in name – would probably be the most obvious variant here. Even though the awareness level can’t compete with Sky and Premier.

However, the latter option of reverting to old habits is probably almost impossible to answer the question asked at the outset. However, the matter continues to heat up. Digital television will let you know how things continue to play out in the coming days and weeks.

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