Windows 11: Paint app with unofficial dark mode released

Windows 11-version Paint was equipped with dark mode. However, the theme was not provided by Microsoft but by a third party developer. All Insiders registered in the Dev Channel have the opportunity to install and test the new design.

Revised version of paint comes from developer Ahmed Walid, Although Microsoft recently revised the app, none of the dark modes have been integrated into the Paint program yet. At the moment it is still unclear when the Redmond company will release an update with Dark Mode and whether the elements contained in the official Dark Mode later will be very different from the third-party developer’s current version.
A third-party developer has equipped the Paint app with an unofficial dark mode

If you want to try the unofficial Dark Mode yourself, you’ll need to deactivate the native Paint app first. Then developer mode should be activated. To do this, the settings, and then the submenu “Data protection and security” must be called. Modified Paint version can be downloaded from this link download. After unzipping the program, the user should open a terminal, navigate to the current folder and enter the command “Add-AppxPackage -Register.&Bsol;AppxManifest.xml” in the command line. The new app can now be started.

Users must be logged in to the Dev Channel

So that no error message appears, all users using the new Paint app must register in the Insider Program’s dev channel. Of course, there is always the option to log out and return to the original Paint version.

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Windows 11, Paint, Microsoft Paint, Malprogram
Windows 11, Paint, Microsoft Paint, Malprogram

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